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I'm Ashley! 

I started this blog after the the birth of my daughter in 2007..   As friend after friend debuted their family blogs, I followed the herd and signed up for my own.

It started as a place to post pictures and report everyday happenings.  First feedings were logged, illnesses tracked, and I've bragged about many a milestone.

In 2008, growing familiar with the blog community and my audience, I began to take a more personal approach.  Admitting my many (many) shortcomings as a mom and beginning to bump around the edges of the depression and anxiety that had silently plagued me for years. 

I'm open.  Sometimes too open..  And my husband usually bears the bulk of that embarrassment.  (sorry Ry)

Somewhere in between the chaos, I was inspired to learn how to photograph my (beautiful!) growing family. family.

Today I am a mama of FOUR!!    Losing my mind on occasion but overall, pretty darn happy.   Besides being the ringmaster of this circus, I also have worked my way into the world of photography.  I still shudder (excuse the pun) to call myself a photographer but I get paid for taking pictures, so I suppose I should just own up to it. 

I'm trying like crazy to find my footing.  Saying enough to make an impact of sorts, but knowing when to stop is proving to be incredibly difficult (for me).

I have so much to say.

So thanks for reading.  xoxo

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