I'm hoping to fill this section up with lots of useful tips and tricks! I'm "facebooked" often on how "to blur backgrounds?" Or "how to make eyes sparkle?" I'm all about the photography community, and trying my best to be a helping hand in it... (as well as picking up a TON of info for myself!) I'm also planning on listing the resources I use (fellow photogs, helpful sites, photo challenges, etc.)

My Equipment:  (all Canon)
-rebel xti- this is my "family" camera.  While its well taken care of, its the camera that's brought everywhere.  It's been to Disney, the beach and beyond.  All of my personal pictures are taken with this camera.  It's pretty much just amazing.  :)

-40d- this is my "pro" camera.  Meaning, if I'm getting paid, I use this body.  I love it.  Although I'd love to upgrade to the mark 5 (someday)... this is suiting me just fine. 

-50mm/1.8- this lens is glued to my rebel 24/7, unless its being cleaned ;)  While its feel is light, plasticy, it punches a lot!  I think I've explained before about my shooting style- (wide aperture)- so this lens is perfect for my everyday use with the kids.

-50mm/1.4- this lens is glued to my 40d!  I love it.  It opens even wider than the 50mm/1.8 (duh) and therefore, it gives me more of my much desired, blurry, blown out background

-17-85mm/4-5.6-  I got this lens as an "all purpose" lens.  To be honest, I rarely, if ever use it.  Maybe once in awhile if I want some wider angled shots at the beach but most of the time, its tucked away in its box, in my underwear drawer ;)

Besides a lens cleaning kit, extra batteries, chargers and other boring accessories, this makes up my camera arsenol.   You'll notice I have no ext. flashes- natural light is absolutely the BEST.  Always, always aim to shoot in whatever natural light you can get!