Wednesday, May 7, 2014

the TWO WEEK post...

TWO weeks people; that's how long its taken me to come up with a few words that explain what this year has been like.  And reading back over this, I am convinced I can never do it justice; its too big, too life changing for any words that I know.

I guess I'll just tell it like its; the story from the first drop.

Last May I saw a post about how some weird oils were helping a friends kids sleep better.  Instantly I thought, "GIVE ME THAT."  I inquired, and she was kind enough to send down two samples; lavender and peace and calming.  I sniffed the peace and calming and thought "okay this is not for me."

The first night the two tiny drams sat there, untouched.  I didn't like the smell and we aren't "those" hippie kind of people.  We go to doctors and use medicine and believe in Jesus... not weird voodoo oils.

The next night, after reflecting on how poorly our previous night had gone, I thought, "Why not?  What can it hurt?"  I rubbed the oils onto all the "sleep" spots (feet, wrists, back of neck), Ryan laughed at me, I told him to shove it... because, "what if these oils actually worked?  And the kids SLEPT?"

He shrugged it off like, "whatever."  And to be honest, I did too- until the next morning.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Ryan had already left for work and I was getting coffee, making myself into a human while the kids ran around like maniacs.  I sent him a text:  "THE CRAZY OILS WORKED.  THEY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!"  And since then, I've become an addict.  Like put me on the show "Intervention".. but don't, because I don't want an oil intervention...ever ;)

The next day I got a message from (at that time) an acquaintance  Her name was Nicole.  I had never spoken to her in person; we just had mutual friends. She was telling me about these SAME exact oils that I had just used.  I had no idea; there was an entire KIT- more than just sleeping oils.  And more than just oils;  this was a business.  I've been very open on this blog with Ryan and I's financial crash and burn; losing our house, applying for WIC... I mean that's where we were last May.   

Anyways, she told me about this team, The Lemon Droppers and asked if she could call me.

I stepped onto the back porch (silence- AHHH!)  and she filled me in on what this oil thing was.  Who the lemon droppers were, what the oils can do and how I could make money with this.  As she was going with this, I was thinking "YES!  Totally!"  And then she dropped the price bomb:  $150.00 for a kit.  I told her I'd think about it.  She said something like, "Yeah I know... hello credit card!"  And I thought to myself, "We don't even have THAT."

Money was literally so tight that we were cashing in change to pay for 5 bucks in gas; so approaching Ryan about buying $150.00 worth of oils was a little scary.  I kept using the little samples and praying over a decision.  We didn't have the money.  I didn't know how in the heck to sell anything.  I didn't know what "LEMON DROPPING" (haha) was all about, and I didn't know the first thing about Young Living.  And then I posted a picture on Instagram;  it was a picture of those two little drams and I made a comment like "Thank you oils for helping my kids sleep through the night!"  And within minutes I had messages flooding my inbox.

"What are these oils?"

"Where do you get them?"

"Can I get some?"

WOAH. WOAH. WOAH!  I wrote Nicole back, not knowing a lick about what I was doing; but just said "I think people want to buy oils from me.... how do I do that?"  And my head was literally spinning at the thought of earning some commission... like a whole 50 bucks or something!  Remember, I'm a stay at home mom... I don't work.  I was so excited thinking I could make a little bit of money...

I went to Ryan and told him what I had gathered- which at that point was this:  1 kit sale= 54.00... I have 2 people asking to buy a kit which would equal 108.00.  The price of the membership kit was 150.00.  So was it worth a 42.00 investment?

Ryan said "go for it."   

I did.

I signed up under Nicole and  logged into my Young Living virtual office.  I had NO CLUE- not a single clue- what I was doing.

That first month, May, I signed up two people... and Nicole placed a few people in my downline.  Here's a picture of what it looked like (16 members):

June 20th (checks are cut on the 20th) I received my first check.

Getting that first check did a few things; first, it paid off my kit that we had charged to a credit card that had about zero room on it... secondly, it gave me some confidence.  Third?  It gave me motivation.  I wanted this.   I wanted to contribute to my family.  I wanted to share these oils.

June I dipped my toes in; testing out the selling waters.  I hated selling.  I still do.  But the thing is, I never really had to sell anything.  I would post pictures and people would ask... and then they'd buy an oil or a kit.  It was nuts!  And it kept happening over and over again. By the end of June my downline looked like this:

July, Ryan was in Michigan and I was here in Florida.  Commissions had been posted and I remember my heart being in my throat reading the number on that check.  I texted it to Ryan-  he wrote back saying how proud of me he was; how this money was what was keeping our heads above water.  It drove me to get more.... to work harder.  To HUSTLE. ;)  By the end of July I had 74 members and my downline looked like this:

In August I had silver in my eyes.  For those not in the oil world, its a rank... a big one.  And its hard to get.  But once you get it, your checks are pretty much guaranteed to be um, big.  I have thousands of conversations on facebook with Nicole about how badly I wanted, needed silver.  How I would stop at nothing to get it.  That SILVER would be mine and this would be my job.  We day dreamed; she was way ahead of me, having started earlier so hearing her numbers and what was happening with her downline inspired me.  I remember saying "Can you imagine making like, 1000 bucks a month for doing this?"  

In September I did it.  I hit silver.  And the combination of a really nice check plus the validation that this indeed was working; I was working, made me crazy proud.  That was the first time I cried;  handing over a check to Ryan that was big enough  to do something with.  It was a moment I won't forget.  I think we both had a mutual understanding there was more...much more to be done with this business.

In October, Rose was born and I did absolutely nothing with the oils.  Plain and simple... I was absorbed with Rosie, as it should've been.  And this is a picture of my downline- without touching the computer it grew by 20 some members.... it was snowballing and it was just the start:

In November, I had gold (another rank) nipping at my heels.  Nicole had just hit gold and when she told me her paycheck amount I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.  "My turn now!" I thought.  Going for the gold!  November was when I really turned to God and said "This is it, right?  THIS is it."  And I threw myself completely, totally, 100 percent into it.  Here's what's happened since:

Today is May 6th- almost a year to the date I started this journey.  Last I checked, I had 1433 people in my downline (it changes by the minute now).

I was going to drop numbers and show my paychecks... but decided against it.  If you're interested in seeing their progression, message me and I'd be more than happy to show you.

But trust me when I say we have been blessed.

There are a few reasons why I chose to be part of the Lemon Dropper team; the marketing material (its gorgeous), the support network (its huge) and the leaders (amazing Christian women with a desire first and foremost to serve their Lord, and next, their family).  And God has certainly been a strong presence on and in this team, that's for sure!

Along with surpassing my husband's salary (um, yeah... chief accountant at embry riddle!) and getting loads and loads of free oils, I've also won two trips; a trip to the lavender fields in Utah and a trip to Ecuador.  SERIOUSLY?  Seriously.

When I think about where I could potentially be a year from now, my mind can't even grasp it.  It's too huge.... like, this is not my life- it can't be.  This doesn't happen to people like me.

But it did.

Thankful isn't big enough a word to describe how I feel when looking back over this year.  This has been a God led journey;  because nothing, nobody could do this except for Him.

So.... happy one year to me.  Happy one year to me taking the plunge; deciding I wanted better for my family.  For deciding I wanted a healthier lifestyle for my kids; more free time with my husband.  Happy one year to me for having trust, and faith in God  in creating a business.  Holy cow... a business.  A huge one.  In one year.

Insane.  Thank you to everyone who's been part of the journey... I'm speechless.. which is odd but appropriate.  I want to end this post with a verse that's written in my work note pad/journal thing ;)
Colossians 3:23   Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.

Amazing things happen when you let go, trust that God-instinct/tug and follow it with all your heart.

I'm ready for what my 2nd year with Young Living holds; and just as I started out my first year, with faith, hope and trust in Him, I'm starting this year the same.  Every day, its His.  I'm just along for the crazy-awesome ride.

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Rachel said...

I would be interested in seeing the numbers if you don't mind sharing. I've been convinced by your testimonials in the past, my only fear is that we know like, all the same people on Facebook so I'm afraid I'd have a hard time selling since everyone already gets them.