Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1.  Wrapped

I love this wrap dress on Maeve.  We live a wild 5 minutes away from the outlet malls and I frequent the Gap outlet way.too.much.   This was a steal at some crazy price, like 5 bucks or something?!  Anyways... I love it.

2.  Time Together
Ahh... sweet, sweet, time together.  By far, time together is what I value the most.... and especially when its spent on a beautiful beach at sunset.

3. Tell Me A Story
Maeve & Henry.  They were watching boats, and Henry was quite literally telling a story of sorts to his big sister Maeve.

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

4.  Duplicated
I was given these shoes by a friend.  They're about the most adorable shoes ever.  Unfortunately in Florida, children, heck adults, don't wear shoes. 

5.  Love

I think this was supposed to be a capture of a couple in love?  But this is brother/sister love... and its so stinkin' sweet.  :)

Check out more SHS over at Ashley Sisk's site! 


Lorraine said...

Great photos! I love the brother and sister 'love' one.

Saun said...

Awesome shots, Love the brother and sister shot.

Shannon said...

all are great but that last shot priceless!

Brooke said...

The lighting in your shots is FANTASTIC! Lovely captures. Each and every one was fantastic ;D