Thursday, June 21, 2012

the {GIANT} Recital Post

I've been putting off this post because I took about 3 zillion pictures. But now that I've found myself here (in Parma, MI) I'm actually pleasantly thrilled with the amount of free time I have! With grandparents who watch the kids, and a husband who's around 24/7, I've actually had time to edit, edit, edit. And write, write, write.

At the moment, I'm holed up in my husband's childhood room. It's the same room that I helped him paint blue when he graduated from high school.  The closet doors are still decorated with my (very) elaborate Hawaiian themed stenciling.  And there are bits and pieces of our childhood everywhere.  Combining this un-airconditioned, box fan only room at the far end of the house, with my Pandora play list and photo shop, well I'd say its rather cozy. 

So thank You Lord for the peace and quiet, time for myself, music, pictures and my thoughts...:)

And now onto the recital part of this post. 

Recital 2012 at The Saint Augustine Dance Conservatory was awesome.  My mom (the director of the ballet school) did a pretty sweet job with everything; from the costumes, to the choreography to the lighting.  It was all great. 

Like I said, I took a bazillion pictures; so I guess I'll let them do most of the talking.

Getting Ready...

Auntie Em is a pro at ballerina buns and stage make up... (literally though.  She's a pro ballerina..pretty cool?)

The perks of being the directors granddaughter... getting to check out the stage pre-show :)

One final, nervous looking hug from dadda....

Racing back to get in line for her dance.

Best buds ready to hit the stage and steal the show.

Um... ballerina baby feet... the best.

The Show

watching auntie Em was one of Maeve's fave. things.

All of the dancers did a greeeatttt job!!!!!

And that folks... IS A WRAP! :D

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