Me&My Love.


+stay at home mom

+my kids are my sun and moon... I live for them.

+likes: coffee, babies, rain, reality tv, funny friends, good books, moving music, naps.

+dislikes: garbage, germs, stinky stuff, any kind of boy band, farmville on facebook.

+I have the best family. 

+I am saved daily.

My Love...


+hard working

+my number one fan

+my first thought in the morning and last thought at night.

+likes: guitar, good food, me :)ha..., lazy days, bedtime stories with Maeve, afternoon football with Henry, vacations, me being pregnant (free pass to eat for 9 months), music, music, music.

+dislikes:  facebook, cutting the lawn, vegetables, the thought of our kids growing up,  cheerleading/cheerleaders, politics, disagreements, seeing any of us unhappy.