My Babes

Maeve (baby #1) 6 years old

Insanely smart.  And I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom.  Her intuition is frightening and many of my prayers these days include her; that Ryan and I are able to guide her in the right direction.  With that said, she's the most compassionate person I've ever met.  Her heart is bigger than her body; she wears it on her sleeve (drama queen) and she sincerely adores her brother and sisters.  She hates bugs, being sticky, and claims to be Elsa's #1 fan (though we know there's much competition out there) 

Henry (baby #2) 4 years old
Our lone boy.  He's wild, loud, accident prone... well, he's a boy.  He LOVES his sisters Maeve & Rosie, but could probably take a break from Stella.  He loves going to the movies, and is basically a pirate (or he wants to be, so, so badly).  He's incredibly sensitive and will definitely be a ladies man.... in his words, he wants to be a "gentlemens for his mom."  He can eat his weight in ketcup (ew), doesn't care at ALL about dirt or being dirty... he has a fascination with the smashed lizards and frogs that are stuck in our doorway.  Weird, morbid... I know.  He's also a GIANT Disney fan.

Estella (baby #3) 2 years old
Wild.  Wild.  Wild.  I'm trying to come up with other words here..... um, wild?  Picture a hippie child in the mid-70's dancing around in a field of daisies... that's Stella.  She is sweet as sugar but is completely independent.  She watches out for herself and tackles her big brother whenever she gets the chance (he hates that).  She loves ponies, race cars, pirates and Frozen.  She rarely wears clothing when at home and her hair is one big mop of messy curls.  She's one of a kind.  Our Stelly-Ju.

Rosalie (baby #4) almost a year
Sweetness; just like her name.  She's this tiny little thing with huge smiles and an even bigger belly.  She loves to snuggle, eat, and roll from one end of the room to the other.  She loves being swaddled (still) and is constant awe of her older siblings.  She frequently falls asleep on the blanket in the corner of the room while life is swirling around her.  I hope and pray she will be our go with the flow-laid back baby!  (we've yet to have one!)