Friday, November 16, 2012

Spontaneous Much?

I'm blaming Edward on last night's stint.

Since having kids my spontaneity has tamed quite a bit.  Pre-kids, I was the girl who was up for anything;

"Hey Linz, wanna get a tattoo after work tonight?  Why?  Because we're 18.  Sure!" 

"Hey Ryan I bought tickets for 2 Counting Crows shows; one's in Columbus, Ohio the other is in Nashville, TN.  I guess we're taking a road trip."  (this seriously happened )

Being compulsive, spontaneous is fun, and the second you welcome a baby it kind of gets syphoned out.  It's just not practical bringing a newborn into the tattoo parlour, ya know?  haaaa. :)

Last night I had taken a bath, read a few chapters from my (very boring) book ("Lone Wolf" by Jodi Picoult- such a disappointment) and had snuggled into bed with my laptop.  I had a load of "stuff" to do;  photography madness as usual, blogging about thankfulness and such...editing a few etsy listings.  My mood candles were burning, headphones in and then I saw the flood of comments coming through on facebook. "BREAKING DAWN PART TWO STARTING IN 30 MINUTES!"  "SO EXCITED TO SEE BREAKING DAWN!"  etc. etc. etc.

Long story short.  I logged onto, purchased one, solo ticket to the 10:00 showing, threw on a sweat suit and uggs, and emerged from the bedroom.

 "Ryan I have to do this.  I have to go see this movie.  Now.  By myself."  He rolled his eyes, asking if I was okay and if I was serious.  I showed him my printed ticket.  I was serious.

And off I went.  On the drive over, I went through it in my head; listing the reasons why I should feel guilty for completely bailing.  I almost turned around 300 times, saying I'd save my ticket for a date night...

At the theater it was wild with a twilight frenzy; I loved it.  It  instantly assured me I had made the right decision.

The line easily snaked around the (giant) theater.  Groups  (of okay...mostly teens) were huddled together, giddy with excitement.  I went to take my place at the end of the line when I heard "ASHLEY! ASHLEY!"  In that instant I was crazy embarrassed; thinking for sure, it was one of my 10 year old gymnasts I teach or something... but it wasn't.  It was my cousin Halley, her husband, sister and brother in law.  I hugged her like I hadn't seen her for years (even though I had just shot her wedding a few weeks ago and she lives 30 minutes from me).  Their group embraced me, merging me into the front of the line (um.  heck yes.) and my heartbeat picked up; this was spontaneity.  And I loved it.

End of the story;  Breaking Dawn was amazing.  I won't say anything more.  No spoilers here.  But the whole incident did interfere significantly with my blogging/photography/etsy plans last night.  As in, nothing got done.

So here's me catching up (and being thankful to my photog girls for understanding why I like... left in a hot second).

DAY 15:  Thankful

Today (and everyday:)  I am thankful for this little bugger face.
Estella June. 

You are pretty much 5 babies wrapped up into one.  Dadda and I are fairly certain you're insane.  (insane in a cute way:)

I love your curls and I love when you back your hiney up to take a seat on my lap.  You know you're the baby of this family (for now ;) and you milk it.  This is why I call you Emily #2.   (you're sooooo much like your auntie em)

My sweet love bug,  we are so thankful for you!!! 


Remember The Dream Jar Post?

I entered y'all into the good ol' number generator because picking a dream isn't possible.  Each of you are worthy of so much goodness and the hugest, grandest dreams.  So....

Number SIX... which would be Elizabeth Valente (who also happens to have a really sweet blog; and guess what- she blogs - click HERE to read the adorable stories of miss Abby ;)

Elizabeth, if you could email me at with your shipping info, you will very soon have  jar of St. Augustine, Florida sand with a bit of glitter, and a lot of room for dreams.

And for those who want their own dream jar kit... well...have no fear; because as someone suggested, this is the newest item added to my hodgepodge etsy shop :)  And because I love you blog readers so,so much... use code "IDREAM" for 20% off :)  Click HERE to view and/or purchase ;)

And that's it for me tonight!

MUAHHHH to you all :)

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Jenih85 said...

I just got home from the movie!!!! Ahhhhh!!! It was too much! Loved it :)