Monday, November 19, 2012

eh. (days 16-19)

I blew it with the thankfulness thing. 

It was such a good thought in theory.  And then life starts going... Like Twilight is released... all day testing at the hospital.... and other various events.  You get the picture.

Our poor thankful tree that started off so vibrant and full of promise looks like a windblown mess.  Life.

I blogged about my Twilight "thing" here. 

The other thing that's stolen time away from (here, and) my family?  My ridiculous body and its inability to function normally.  Along with kidney stones that are causing some (minor) blockage, I also have these awful ulcers that send me into dry heaving fits in the middle of the publix parking lot.

I am probably on more medicine than your grandmother. 

It could be so much worse.  And for that I give praise.  But it's frustrating, and at times, really painful. 

Anyways...  if you were wondering where my daily thankfulness posts went... that's the gist of it.

So... let me catch up:
Day 16:  I am thankful for where I live.  I live in a place people pay a lot of money to come and visit.   It's too fun walking around the touristy places, knowing these people are on their beloved vacations, and my house is 5 minutes down the street.  ;)

Day17:  My dad.  I could go on forever about him.

Day 18:  My mom; even though we're so alike, we clash like crazy.  She will always be my best friend.

Day 19:  My sisters.  Growing up I couldn't stand them.  And now I can't live without them. 

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