Monday, November 1, 2010

Not Me Monday.

I'm due for a "not me."

I don't play Taylor Swift's new song "Never Grow Up" over and over again, just to get a good cry. That would be crazy emotional... I am so in check with my emotions :)

I haven't been asked by 2 people about Disney vacations- more specifically, where to dine, etc. And when asked about said vacations, I didn't know the names, locations and transportation systems to these restaurants. That would mean I was obsessed with Disney- and we all know I am NOT!

While trunk or treating at Meijer, I didn't pick the dropped sugar cookie off the floor and back in Henry's hand to ward off a scream fest.

After buying Halloween candy (not last minute- on Sunday morning...:), I was sure to not give my husband a lecture about not eating it. He's a sucker for candy, and I knew he'd devour a good portion in a second. No, I didn't lecture him, and then scarf down 4 Reeses myself. I'm not a glutton. Especially a dishonest glutton :)

I don't secretly turn up the electric blanket at night...:)

I did not use my kids as an excuse as to why I couldn't go to a dentist appointment. It's not cool to lie and say your kids are puking, and therefore, can't be sent to daycare/babysitter, and thus, the appointment needs to be cancelled. I don't hate the dentist that much that I would pull such a thing.

While shopping in Target today, I didn't squeal and jump up and down for a minute when I realized the glade candle/gift card deal was back on. I keep my stuff together... especially out in public.


those are my "not me's!" Follow MckMama's suit and play along :)

PS- here is a comment convo my mom and I had that I thought was worth sharing :)

-Lori said...
Loved the weekend coverage of Halloween with my favorite family in the whole world. Miss you so very much and you all look like you had a great time. I love you all so, so, much. Mom

November 1, 2010 4:57 PM

-Ashley said...
oh my goodness mom... I am shocked to see your comment. congrats on finding my blog! :)

aw ;)


Angie B said...

love it. :)

Leslie Collins said...

too funny.

what a sweet convo between you & your mom.

Jodie said...

What a gorgeous blog! Thanks for visiting mine! I'm going to poke around a bit more...and I am also OBSESSED with Disney! Or, I mean, NOT obsessed with Disney! LOL!

Ashley said...

thanks Jodie! I'll put you on my reader list! :)