Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010!

OH MY :)

Best Halloweekend/Halloween to date in my book!

Starting Friday, we jam packed every minute we could into making the weekend as spooky and festive as possible for the kids.

I spent Friday morning googling Halloween recipes and getting a menu ready for the weekend. Later in the afternoon, our doorbell rang and this was what was there:

Talk about starting our festive weekend off right!

My grandma had ordered balloon boquets for the kids- and they were smitten.   Maeve was a tad hesitant with a few of the balloons because they were "too spooky."  But Henry dove right in :)  Actually, Maeve was good with her boquet of balloons- it was the walking pumpkin balloon that she was/is terrified of. 

(see the 2nd picture from the top:)- that pumpkin floats around our house.... kind of creepy- but cute.  Maeve finds no cuteness in it though- only the creeps!  She will be sitting on the couch and the pumpkin will float over to her and within seconds she's on top of me (or Ryan) begging us to "put the pumpkin away."  Henry on the other hand, loves it.  He bats at it and cracks up at the sight of it. :)  good times...

Here are some pictures post-balloon delivery... note Maeve's face.  SO not thrilled with the spookies...

and yeah, that last picture is capturing Henry sinking his chompers into the bag of m&m's... go figure :)

Friday night we had worms (spaghetti), a veggie skeleton (veggie tray...) and muddy brownies.  Good eats for sure.

                                                (note Henry's face in the background....)

-I also just noticed that I didn't compress any of these images... therefore, blogger is doing it for me, thus creating super crappy images... blah.

Saturday morning, I realized we had yet to get pumpkins...whoops.  We decided to take the kids trunk or treating at Meijer and then swing by that farm on Michigan Ave for some pumpkins.  It was truly, a great, great morning. 

Maeve decided she wanted to be Minnie Mouse (on Saturday) and Henry wore a shirt that said "Chocolate...GOOOOOOD."

 To be honest, we didn't get either kid a halloween costume this year.  Maeve has every Disney princess dress in her closet, and even though they had been worn a thousand times each, I knew if I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween, she'd say some princess anyway.  Henry's costume came from my mom and grandma... it's some sort of dinosaur or alligator- we're not sure- but its stinkin' cute.

We had so much fun with the kids at Meijers- Henry pounded each and every treat he was given- from the sugar cookies to the gummy worms (hey, it was Halloween, right? :)  Maeve was mesmorized by all the different costumes and activities.  Her favorite thing by far (and it might have been her fave. thing all weekend..) was the face painting.  FREE face painting (even better...)- she initially picked out a tiger face but the girl that was doing the painting wasn't the friendliest and told her it would take too long, so Maeve agreed to the standard butterfly that every other kid was getting :)

In case you didn't know- she is a clone of me. I can't tell you how many pictures my parents have of me, giving the camera that same look. In fact, I'm sure they're in Florida right now, saying "THAT'S ASHLEY!"

After Meijers, it was punkin pickin' time.  We had a good fifteen minutes at the farm... but we'll remember that two kids on a sugar high at nap time don't make for the greatest company.... eeek.

We carved the pumpkins Saturday night.... but having my hands full of goo (and kids) I slacked BIG time on taking pictures... I have ONE picture... and its stinky... but save-worthy I suppose.

Sunday morning, we woke up late- really- the kids slept until 9.  It was heaven.  Happy Halloween to US.  We needed a few things (ummmm like Halloween candy for our neighborhood...HA we procrastinated big time this year) so  we set off for the stores (Target to be exact:).  We got some picked over candy, a pair of cat ears and then, I somehow convinced Ryan to drive ALL the way out to Flavor Fruit Farms for some donuts.  He's not the drive kind of guy... but dang I wanted some donuts.  We were the only souls out there- but we snagged a dozen HOT, fresh donuts.  It was worth the 25 minute drive.... for SURE!

Sunday afternoon we lazied around... tried to take naps- and failed... Around 5 or so, we started getting ready for the big night.  I told Ryan to take the kids in the living room so I could get myyyyy costume on.  This woud be the 2nd traumatic thing that happened to my daughter over the weekend.

Apparently, momma in a furry vest, cat ears and whiskers, is not fun.  It's downright terrifying.  She wanted nothing to do with me- and then we convinced her to pet me.  So she did... and thus began the night of attacking momma the cat.

Along with the standard trick or treating and posing in front of pumpkins, we also had mummy pizzas and spent some time with Aunt Emi...

SO... that was our Halloween/weekend. :)  It was fab.  And I hope the pictures convey that...

Mom & dad- I know pictures aren't as good as the real thing... but I tried to capture everything!  NEXT year, we'll be together...


jennifer said...

Great pictures, Ashley! It looks like you had so much fun!

fwiw, I think Henry's costume is supposed to be a dragon. :)

k and j said...

sooo glad it was a good one :) love the pics of courrrrrse!

Lori said...

Loved the weekend coverage of Halloween with my favorite family in the whole world. Miss you so very much and you all look like you had a great time. I love you all so, so, much. Mom

Ashley said...

oh my goodness mom... I am shocked to see your comment. congrats on finding my blog! :)

Leslie Collins said...

what a great halloween weekend....i love your pics. you all look so happy. the kids were adorable.

Mama M. said...

Ashley!! So glad you "stumbled" upon my blog! Your kiddos are adorable...and I love your photography!

Now, I'm dying to know, A) what camera you have and B) what you use to edit your photos and C) what your IQ is..because I'm guessing you use photoshop, and Photoshop makes me feel like I have an IQ of about 2.

Thanks for leaving me your link! I'm sorry to hear that you are missing your family so much. I can't imagine, but it must be horrible. :( Hugs...