Sunday, July 5, 2009


Sundays are also known as "deal days" around here- well for the past few months anyways. We've kind of made a tradition out of going out for breakfast and then scavenging around Jackson for free coupon inserts from the Detroit free press & Jackson cit pat. We also sneak in a trip to the park for Maeve :)


Once we've made our haul in papers (today it was 5 inserts- not too bad) we come home, make lunch, put Maeve down and then I sit down and start to sort through all the coupons and inserts. During Maeve's nap I make a run to a few stores (mostly CVS & Walgreens) and come home, proudly showing off my bags of stuff :) TODAY, however, probably marks my best deal to date- I am seriuosly on a giddy high from it! KMart is doubling manufacturers coupons which means FREE STUFF. FREE ANYTHING doesn't get much better!!! I had been stock piling my coupons for awhile for this blessed event and booooy did it pay off! I won't go through all the math and transactions because it would be about 4 pages long. Instead, if you're really interested on how it worked out, just ask me. :)

-4 Johnson Buddy Bars
-2 Softsoap
-2 meaty bones
-5 Act Mouthwash
-2 Degree Mens deodorant
-4 Secret Womens deodorant
-1 Huggies wipes
-1 Huggies wash
-2 Fruity & coco pebbles cereal
-6 cans of pringles
-6 cans of Oust
-2 cans of Lysol neutra air
-3 cans of Lysol bathroom cleaner
-4 pairs of playtex cleaning gloves
-1 Venus embrace Razor
-1 chapstick (filler item on one of the transactions because I was in the negative)

this was 4 transactions- I can't even tell you how many coupons were used! And my grand total out of pocket was................ $8.23 WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO! :)

And of course I had to make a run by CVS- they have a great deal on Febreze going and I can't get enough of it with 2 dogs and a toddler running around the joint! :)

***This was 3 transactions and I just kept rolling my ECB's into the next so my grand total OOP was .5 :) yes, FIVE cents! :) AND I got 8 dollars back in ECB's to use next Sunday :)
-3 Febreze fabric refreshers
-3 Febreze Noticeables
-3 Febreze air effects
-2 Dawn botanicals dish soap
-1 Venus spa breeze razor set
-2 pencil sharpeners (for my eyeliners :)
-1 stride gum (again as a filler- in the negative on one of my transactions)


The Paulk's said...

Oh Ashley, I'm so proud :)! That's awesome, I hit up out KMart this morning too. I'm contimplating posting my deal too but I think it may be bragging too much...what do you think?? I got a a lot of goddies, including 15 packs of diapers and a LOT of other stuff for about 40.00! Sometimes I hate doing the shopping and dread finding the deals but then I get them and I get all excited like a little girl :)...haha.

Ashley said...

Shelby you're not bragging- you're just proud of contributing to the household! Post your deals mam! OH and BTW, my Kmart had NO RULES on doubling!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOO! One of my transactions was in the negative and then I ended up owing 23 cents. I was STOKED!!! :)

The Paulk's said...

that's so funny! Mine didn't have any restrictions either, at least they didn't inforce them...loved it. Two of my transactions went into the negative was -6.85 and one was -11.87. They owed me $$ too. I was so excited. I'm going back tomorrow. I really just went for diapers today, tomorrow I'll hit up other stuff. We just don't need food right now because I just got TONS of cereal and other food from Meijer last week. Isn't deal shopping so addicting :). And it feeds my love of shopping but doesn't break the bank :).

Oh and by the way I'm glad you check your blog as much as I do :). I'll post in a little bit once the kids are in bed...

The Paulk's said...

Oh yeah, did my "list" help at all??

Jessy Schoch said...

Okay teach me your ways!! :)