Monday, July 6, 2009

No Denying It!

This baby is a B-O-Y! We got another u/s today (it was my "official" 20 week ultrasound) and I had them double check the gender and we got some sure fire boy shots. Now its kind of really hitting me that I'm going to be a mom to a girl AND a boy. WOW. I am a bit overwhelmed. Everything that we need to get- I keep asking myself "WHY THE HECK didn't we buy gender neutral stuff???" The clothes aren't a big deal- but we have a pink stroller/pink carseat, pink bouncer, ALL pink blankets, pink toys, pink bath, pink towels, etc., etc., etc. And yes, I know it doesn't matter if the boy baby bathes in a pink tub with a pink towel, BUT you get my point. Nevertheless, we're super excited- especially Ryan- he beams with pride whenever he says "is HE kicking?" Even Maeve loved the ultrasound- she was completely taken away by the kicking baby... every time the tech would zoom out and show the whole baby Maeve would exclaim "BABY BABY BABY!" Also, we're about 99.9999% sure we have THE NAME. But of course, we won't be saying it until the birth- just because we want to avoid all the comments and opinions on it. Alright, I will leave you with some pictures of my KIDS!! (AHHH! I can say KIDS!)

Baby side shot- look at how curled up his leg is!

Pictures of my KIDS (!)

Maeve pointing to the BABY.

That's a BOY alright!


Kase and Jules said...

Look at that weenie! Omigosh! I am so excited for ya. Boys are a whole different ballgame but you will love having both :)

Jessy Schoch said...

Love all the pics of your kiddies!! I can't wait to meet your buetiful blond haired baby boy!! (I'm assuming he's going to be blond) Miss seeing you and Miss Maeve, when it's warm you need to bring her over for a swim with Max!!

Becky said...

awww!!! :)