Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July, Part One.

I thought I'd better start a 4th of July post since I tend to go WAY overboard with pictures on holidays. AND I am ecstatic to announce that we FINALLY decided on a camera to get and we bought it today!! I'm in love with it- its fast, takes wonderful pictures and there's a million different things you can do with it! :) It's the Canon Powershot- "a middle of the road camera"- we weren't ready to drop 650 bucks on the Rebel- plus the lady at the store said the Rebel was more for action/sports type stuff. To say the least, I was really excited to dress Maeve up cute and take her out to the 4th festivities at Cascades- in hopes of capturing some cute pics. :) Turns out Cascades was so crowded it was insane- we walked around for a few minutes, let her look at the police horses, grabbed an elephant ear and high tailed it outta there. On the way home we stopped by one of our favorite parks, Jackson Christian, and let her play and I snapped away!

Tonight we're planning on going to the fireworks- the downside? They start at 10 or so- at the moment its 9 and Maeve is curled up with her blanket on her tinkerbell couch. She doesn't really enjoy fireworks at all- in fact, when we took her on Memorial day, she started shaking so bad we had to go back to the car. But we figured we can always just park in a parking lot and watch them from there and let Maeve sleep in her car seat. We'll see... I will post a 4th of July pt.2 tomorrow! :)

Ryan was teaching Maeve how to roll down the hill :)

You can't beat the apple fries from Burger King- they are AWESOME! Sooooooo refreshing!!!!

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