Friday, May 15, 2009

Is There Any END???

Besides giving birth I guess... but wow- this morning sickness is relentless! Just when I think its getting better, it comes back worse than ever. All I've had today are 2 gatorades and a sprite- and that's been force fed to me by Ryan who refuses to take me to the ER.. -actually he definitely would- he would just rather pull out his two front teeth first:) Last night after our sloppy joe supper, it got pretty sloppy in the bathroom (gross but I couldn't resist! :) And my "sickness" lasted ALL NIGHT LONG. It was a real nightmare! This morning I woke up with such a pounding headache and feeling completely and utterly weak, I called Ryan at work and begged him to take me into the ER. He made me try to drink something first... even though I explained to him that's what I've been doing all night and I'm sick of it just coming right back out. So around 10 or so (yeah bad me... I waited a while to try and drink) I drank a bottle of gatorade- SUCCESS! It stayed in! Now its 8 PM and I'm starting my 3rd bottle of gatorade. I'm praying that everything stays down and I can sleep tonight!!! This is getting really, really hard! :(


Kase and Jules said...

What a nightmare!! I am so glad that I don't get that sick :/ kucky!

The Paulk's said...

Ash, I forgot to write and tell you that Jungle Joe's is in Kalamazoo. It's right off of Sprinkle rd. Maeve would love it. Riley sure did! If you ever want to meet there, let me know :)!

Ang said...

thats how i was with drew...i lost 10 lbs the firstrimester...esp sitting in class having to go puke...i will pray it gets better quickly...where u not this bad with maeve?