Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stuck in a RUT.

UGH time has seemed to drag by lately. I am getting really ticked about the weather- yes, there have been some sunny days, but its cold outside! I'm sick of bundling Maeve up in MAY!! And then there's my never ending headache- really- its been here since last Friday night (today is Wed... so that's 6 days of a headache). And before any of you think its my blood pressure- rest assured, I had it checked and its 106/68. So its def. not that. My midwife thinks its allergies- so once again I'm on a cocktail of meds... claritin & sudafed. I am SO not one for medication, but if this combo doesn't knock it out, then I have to be on a prescription... and I really want to avoid that. So I've been taking the mixture daily... and to be honest, its not really helping. The headache isn't bad- its just always there... lingering... annoying.

One thing that I've been doing a whole lot of lately is READING. I've always been a reader, but it has become my favorite thing to do when Maeve is napping or sleeping at night. Instead of laying in bed with my eyeballs wide open trying desperately to sleep, I've been sneaking into the bathroom at 3 in the morning and reading. It's way better than lying there, wondering why in the world I can't sleep. I've been finishing a book about every 4 days or so... its kind of crazy :) It was getting to be a rather expensive hobby so I finally started buying used books, which is of course, WAY cheaper. I can't rent library books because I take my books into the bath/shower with me (yes the shower... we have a seat in it, and I aim the water straight down so its like a steam room :) and obviously, can't risk getting a library book wet.

OH! I forgot to post about mothers day- it was really a nice day- I just felt awful- between the headache and morning sickness, I kind of just wanted to pass out all day. Instead, Ryan took me to breakfast at Cracker Barrel- it was nice but I felt sick so I ate toast and toast and toast... then we went to the zoo in Battle Creek- again nice, but it was super cold and windy... then it started to rain, so we left after only being there an hour or so. We also had dinner with my family at Olive Garden (probably my last choice right now..) so I ate a LOT of bread sticks and some soup. Ryan got me some beautiful hydrangeas, an ice cream cake (that I did manage to eat 2 pieces of) and super nice cards- one from him, one from Maeve. He had Maeve color and draw all over the card- its definitely a keeper.

Well, tomorrow I am OUT of the first trimester. I'm excited about that... but still, time seems to be dragging on. I can't wait to find out what this little turkey is- we've already talked about names... I have 2 for sure girl names, and 1 maybe boy name... but we've got time. My mind has been swirling with whether or not its a boy or girl- I've had a dream it was a boy... but the pregnancy has been the exact same as Maeves. The heartbeats are exactly the same, my morning sickness, my headaches, etc... all the same! I am craving fruit and sweets, just like I did with Maeve- well except orange juice- that was my liquid gold with Maeve... this time around I couldn't care less about it. Also, I have been really into fast food (when I'm up for eating) and with Maeve I didn't really start to enjoy fast food until my 3rd tri. Hmmm... what do you all think it is? :)

One more thing I guess I should update you all on- not that its important or anything, but I think its kind of entertaining... I've had an obsession with CHEESE. Any kind, doesn't matter- as long as its deli sliced cheese. I go through over a lb. a week- by myself. Its pretty bad! I guess this baby wants some dang calcium or something! I kind of remember wanting cheese with Maeve too- so I guess its just a pregnancy thing. But WOW, I am plowing through the cheeses!!! For lunch, most days I stack a pile of cheese on a plate... I might have some crackers, but mostly its just a LOT of cheese... oh and water. It will be a miracle if I don't weigh 200 lbs. by November... yikes.


Kase and Jules said...

You poor girl! Headaches make me sooo mad! I had them a lot in the beginning of the second tri, blahh. Dude, one more week and I start my 6th month of pregnancy ahh! I am thinking girl but WHO knows! My pregnancy had me all thrown off and it was another boy! I am glad though :) A girl would be wayyy fun for Maeve!

Ang said...

so i totally understand about the headaches!!!!! i sympathize and pray for u :)