Monday, April 27, 2009

LONG Overdue For An Update!!!! Forgive Me???

Oh my goodness has this blog been neglected! But really, I have good reason for it! There has been a TON on my mind and millions and zillions of things to write about... but I was holding off on posting for one pretty big reason: I'm preggo! Surprise! haha I think half of you know this by now... but for the other half, there ya go!

Sooooooo where to begin? How about 2 months ago when I decided to take that test- I was feeling fine, just thought I should test because I hadn't taken one in awhile and you never know... sure enough it popped up positive. I don't think I slept for the next week. The emotions for this one have been SO different than the emotions I had with Maeve. This time around, instead of having pure excitement, I am really concerned about life with two kids... yikes! I was just getting a handle on being a momma to Maeve... now everything has flip flopped and we've got to learn how to juggle a 2 year old and a newborn. Needless to say it took a LONG time to get adjusted to the big surprise of having another baby.

I am happy to say today was my first OB appointment and everything went BETTER than expected. I am actually measuring 2 weeks ahead (which according to my midwife means I'm either 12 weeks or havin' twins! haha) AND we heard the beautiful sound of a heartbeat- in the 170's. I still don't have an official due date... I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning (tuesday) and they're going to date the pregnancy. SO tomorrow I should be able to say officially when I'm due. Anyways, that's the big news around here! And now I will be able to update you all with my lovely stories of morning sickness and stretch marks! Hopefully you guys will forgive me for abandoning the blog for a few weeks!!!


The Paulk's said...

Oh Congrats!! How exciting! I'm so happy for you guys. Life with two will be so much easier than you think :).

I had a feeling that I'd pop onto your blog and I just knew you were going to say you were preggo...I just knew it :)! Anyways, congrats and I hope you're feeling well!!

Russ and Karen Gaston said...

No apologies needed...although, I did miss your updates! :) CONGRATS on being prego! Life with two is amazing. Little Mae Mae will be such a good big sister too!

Becky said...

wow! Congrats Ashley! :) Were you and Ryan trying or was it a surprise? I'm so excited for you and you will do fine with two kids :) Can't wait to hear allll about it and this time, you can tell me what its like to give birth again, have two kids, etc..before I have another one :)

Kase and Jules said...

YIPPEEEE!!! 170, wowwwww :) Please update me on FB tomorrow!!

Ashley said...

Becky- nope it was a HUGE HUGE HUGE surprise- I was actually on the nuva ring! So we were pretty dang shocked!