Monday, April 6, 2009

A Break From The Monotony

Who knew it (a break) would come in the form of a massive snow storm? I guess I shouldn't be too blown away since this IS Michigan. And normally I hate the snow- but because in approximately 8 days I will be in Florida, for some reason the snow became more tolerable for me today. Anyways, we woke up EARLY this morning- which is super baffling to me since Maeve is waking up around 4 every morning and screaming/crying/whining for about an hour to an hour and a half (we really can't find a rhyme or reason for this- its not her diaper, she isn't sick...). You'd think the kid would need to sleep at some point, but sadly, her afternoon naps are becoming shorter and shorter, her stints in the middle of the night are getting longer and she's waking up earlier in the mornings. I just don't get it...
When we came out to the living room I noticed it was extra dark- I looked up at my skylights that are over my kitchen and saw that they were covered in snow. I thought maybe we had gotten that yucky inch that makes everything look ugly and cold. But looking out on the deck my mouth dropped open- "WOAH THAT IS A LOT OF SNOW!" Even for Michigan- it really was a lot of snow. We had been planning on having this big nacho/Mexican feast for the big game tonight but something just sounded so cozy and good about this baked apple oatmeal that I make sometimes. Luckily we had just been to the store yesterday and had a full bag of apples. I spent the morning peeling and putting it all together in the crock pot. Maeve spent the morning watching "Mickey Mouse Club House" and eating her favorite- raisin toast.
After the oatmeal was in the crock pot and baking, I got Maeve ready to go run some errands. Easter is quickly approaching and I had NOTHING. I went a bit crazy at Target- we have more Easter candy than a family of 6 could probably eat... but whatever. :) Lunch was ravioli from a can- kind of gross- but one of Maeve's faves. and every once in awhile I can handle eating it too. Ryan of course was very excited to come home to hot ravioli rather than his usual cold sandwich.
Now the good thing about this snow is that its not Antartica-freezing outside. Its actually pretty mild. I think Maeve got out to play in the snow a grand total of twice this year. So as much as I hate it, after her nap I'm planning on bundling her up and taking her out in it to play. I'm fairly confident she'll love it.
Yes I would've much rather have had a warm, sunny day at the park. But its funny how something as common as snow in Michigan can stop everything and turn an ordinary day into a nice break.

***Just a note- I am pretty sure Ryan will still end up with nachos tonight- it will probably be just Maeve and I eating the oatmeal and toast :) Oatmeal isn't much of a basketball food I guess....***


Mallory said...

someone needs to update!
have fun in FL! Jealous!

Kase and Jules said...

I know!! I am waiting and waiting.......