Sunday, November 2, 2008

If It's Not Something...

It's always another, right??? Maeve WAS doing much better this morning, but then the BAD diarreha hit. She's been have having diarreha for a few days (since wed. I think...) but I think her being sick combined with her medicine, its causing some very acidic and painful diarreha. POOR GIRL! She has had 4 poopy diapers today- all of which were runny (sorry! Thats too much info!) and her hind end was looking rather pink... well around 1 or 2 today, Ryan changed her diaper and when he went to wipe she SCREAMED- like she was in so much pain! Her little bottom was super red :( Almost looked like she had hives... So at the next diaper change, I said instead of wiping her, lets just give her a bath- I thought that would feel really good on her tush- WRONG! She screamed even louder- I mean worse than any shot shes ever been given- this was horrible screaming.

She is in so much pain :( Shes walking with her legs spread apart and whimpers and cries when she has to sit. Its really sad! :( And again, I'm worried about her fluid intake- it was going really well but now with all the diarreha, who knows...???

I can tell already its going to be another long night for us AND Maeve :(


Kase and Jules said...

OMG Ash, I am so sorry!! :( Rashes are the worst!! Pour tons of corn starch all over her bum. Coat her in it!

Megs said...

ohhh ash-bo-bash!! i know all too well how awesome it is to change diapers when the child is having diaherria... the little boy i nanny for had it for 3 DAYS!! it was horrible! poor little guy! i became a pro at it...i wish i were there to help miss maybug through it!! love you and miss you!

Nicole said...

I have a no-fail butt-paste concotion for you... Porter had a terrible diaper rash when he was about 10 weeks old... blistery and bleeding and so red and painful. They told me to mix desitine original (NOT creamy) with Maalox. Works great. HOWEVER>>> the mixture is hard to work with. I found a new mixture that mixes soo well and works great! We have some made up in a rubbermaid container to use whenever the boys (well, Hudson now) gets a rash... rash is mostly gone by the next diaper change! Works wonders on horrible rashes... they improve in days!

It is:
* 1/2 cup Vaseline
* 2tbsp Cornstarch
* 1/2 tube Non creamy Desitin
* 2tbsp Maalox

From this website: (go to website for more detailed directions)

Another concoction I read online:
* 2 oz A & D ointment
* 2 oz zinc oxide ointment
* 1 oz Maalox or Mylanta
* 1 oz bacitracin

Good luck!

The Paulk's said...

Ri had really bad diaper rash and the dr. gave me a script for the second mix of stuff nicole told you about (except it didn't include the 1 oz Maalox or Mylanta). Poor thing, hope she feels better really soon.

If you have to give her another bath, the dr. has told me to put baking soda in their bath too to help clear it up...