Sunday, November 2, 2008

She Drinks!

Aha!!! Maeve finally started drinking CHOCOLATE MILK yesterday!! She drank about 4 oz. in the morning and then throughout the day she sipped on apple juice- she was supposed to have 3 wet diapers per day (otherwise we'd have to take her up to the hospital) and by 5 or so she had had 2 wet diapers :) By 8 she had 3! So even though shes probably overloaded on chocolate, shes drinking and making her wet diapers!! Hopefully that will keep her home and not in the hospital!!! As far as her overall demeanor, she's doing better- she is still coughing, running a low grade fever and a bit fussy, BUT she is also much more active than she was yesterday and more "Maeve-like" :) She's kicking pneumonia butt!

Here are some Halloween pics- (this was when she was really sick so we didn't get many... but I HAD to show off her poodle costume at least for a few minutes!)

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