Saturday, April 19, 2014

Let's Talk Holiday's

After dinner, our van pulled into Target. 

I was sent in on a simple mission:  Grab some eggs for breakfast.  (Bad mom confession right here- I totally skipped dyeing eggs this year).

Ryan dropped me off and said he'd swing around in ten minutes to pick me back up.  An hour later, and a half a dozen eggs short, I was out of the hell hole (sorry Target!).

But really, EASTER has people going bananas.  

I suppose its not just Easter...  its every holiday, and day in between.  Looking on pinterest is the quickest way to feel like the biggest mom failure ever. 

I mean, since when are we supposed to feel guilty for buying boxed valentines day cards verses doing the handmade, printables with five different types of card stock?

I don't know.  But I am so, SO, very over it.

Target was packed with last minute shoppers, me included.  The Easter aisles were bare.  And when I left I felt frenzied, "Did we get the kids enough for Easter?"  I asked Ryan.

Getting home, I realized a huge tragedy;  we were one basket short for a peanut butter egg. 

Unacceptable.  Because how dare my kids wake up tomorrow morning and be shorted a chocolate egg?  Right?

I feel like the biggest idiot even typing this out.  But what is it about holiday's and kids that has us parents on edge?  I don't want to live like this.  I don't want to care about a missing chocolate egg!

In the end, Ryan went out to Publix and got the dang egg.   And now I can sleep. (sarcasm)

So tell me, do you fall into the holiday/pinterest/#1 parent of the year award trap?  Or are you over it?

I suppose since I have 4 Easter baskets sitting here, all equally filled and looking lovely, I can say I've fallen in the trap. 



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