Friday, April 18, 2014

Anyone use this?

I just signed up ( and my score is 51... apparently anything over 50 is considered "social"  hahaha :D
I don't think its a super big secret anymore; I wrote a book.  40,000 words, 10 chapters, my heart and soul, 2 years of late nights and self discovery, tears, truth and hesitation.

And now trying to get it into the hands of someone who cares even a little bit is proving to be about impossible.  Granted, I only queried my top five fave. agents..... obviously I need to expand out a bit.

One of my goals is to boost my klout score... that sounds so lame.  But apparently it's important for anyone trying to get their stuff out there.

So.. yeah- anyone use the app before?  I'm lost!

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