Monday, April 21, 2014

all of my most recent mistakes (compiled) this post, for you- maybe reading my failures, lack of brains will make you feel better today.  If so, I've done my job.

  • getting braces.  I regret this every single day.  Don't even say it'll be worth it.  I don't want to hear it.
  • losing my lens cap at the beach yesterday
  • not reading "The Book Thief" sooner.  (SO good)
  • getting a cat.  
  • getting a cat and naming her "the Duchess of Fog" because whenever we go anywhere and my kids tell strangers about our cat, Stella doesn't really say "Duchess of Fog" very well so it comes out like "diches ahhhh fawwwck."  You figure out what that sounds like.
  • Overdosing on calcium tablets in my grandparents basement.  Okay so this isn't recent.  This was like 25 years ago or something.  But I have calcium deposits IN my bladder which I have to think are related to that fateful morning when I sat with my cousins, eating orange tablet after tablet.  How we didn't die?  I don't know.... but I'm paying for it now- I know I am.  You can't eat that much calcium and NOT pay for it.... (PS- mom & dad where were you???)
  • showing the kids my catheter.... its long gone, but the story isn't.  And they like to tell everyone about "mama's pee pee bag."  So awesome!
  • spending any kind of substantial amount of money on kids clothing because its kids clothing and they either wreck it or grow out of it in a day.
  • listening to doctors "who know everything" (SARCASM) and going off my oil regimen and onto their prescription medication regimen.  I'm back on the oils... I don't care if they don't know the specifics about the oils... I'll take my chances and get off the flomax (an old man prostate drug).
  • youtubing the video "redneck fat chick falls into ballpit"  I can't- I won't ever get those images out of my head (thanks Emily & Kayla!)
  • Taking idiot (LOLA) to the beach yesterday.  She escaped into the dunes (where you get fined thousands of dollars if a cop were to come across you) and lost her brand new leash.  Seriously.  Anything to do with that dog is a regret.  (except I love her a lot...and she's so freaking cute).

the end.



Yvette Banner said...

I don't know how you do it!! I struggle everyday just to get up, let alone venture out with kids and the dog. Lol (ps HELP..... ha ha ha ha)

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)