Thursday, April 17, 2014

a list of things that are good right now:

  • my hair is pretty rad right now... I have to say- I just really like the length of it and what its doing. 
  • my big fat gypsy wedding.... my problems aint got nothin' on those chicks.
  • date nights (tonight- thursdays :D)
  • nautical anything.  I'm in stripes constantly. 
  • instagram (that's not a new one... but its just like the best app ever)
  • august & everything after- just busted it out to get ready for Counting Crows in June.... ohmawurd..... forgot the emotions of that CD.
  • handmade stuff from etsy (thank you YL paychecks for allowing me this splurge)
  • the weather... storms & wind... love.
  • my writing.... contrary to this disaster of a post, I've been enjoying writing for lengthy periods at night... its a good thing
  • linen pants
  • the fact that Jack Johnson is going to be HERE.  Like HERE, here.... in a few weeks.  
  • sidewalk chalk- specifically the crayola kind that has the whacked names- "macaroni" and "oatmeal."  It's just funner to color with stuff named aptly.  
  • books (what's new) specifically "The Book Thief"- just finished it & it was beautiful.
  • at the moment my kidneys seem to be holding out.  I go in for a surgery consult May 1st to figure out what to do with all the calcium deposits... but right now, they're fine
  • my dreams... they're huge and wild and make me so happy

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