Tuesday, April 29, 2014

week in review

  • I've been on this article submission binge... writing like a crazy fool and submitting to magazines, sites, etc.  Can I tell you how hard the waiting game is?  Especially when you write a post that you want to share so badly?   
  • Let me also tell you how awesome it is to have your words be read by hundreds of people, shared and reflected on by moms from all over; reading comments like "That's me."  Or "She took the words right out of my mouth."  Awesome.  And that's why I am hellbent on getting my story out there.
  • Rosie had her 7 month appointment on Friday.  She's a peanut.  Nobody really has any answers and I kind of want to just say, "Um, isn't there any chance she's just really, really small???"  Like what if she didn't have any condition at all; what if she's just genetically written to be little?  I mean girlfriend is healthy!  She eats like a normal baby, she rolls, she coos, laughs, smiles, etc.  She's a little behind on sitting and some other strength/core things.. but she's 11 pounds.   I mean- she is wearing NEWBORN diapers and clothing.  
  • Frozen has taken over our lives. The end.
  • My one year anniversary is coming up with Young Living.  I am trying to formulate the thoughts and words to describe this past year.  Right now all I've got is "WOW."
  • Speaking of YL, with our income being um.... way more flexible at this point, we've been able to put our money where we want to put it.  That sounds weird; let me explain:  So pre-Young Living, it was literally pillaging and plundering.... well, not really- we didn't steal.  But we borrowed from our parents, grandparents, friends and the state (WIC)... we got things as cheaply as possible and cut out anything extra.  We're not going all cray cray with money these days, but we are able to spend it where we want.  And that's huge for me.  I've been buying all the kids' clothes from etsy- fellow mamas who are making it work, one sale at a time.  Even toys and shoes; basically anything I can buy local or handmade, I do.  And it feels amazing.  I'm going to link a bunch of my fave shops that we've bought from recently... check them out- when you buy something, you're paying for a kids ballet lesson, or rent... doesn't that feel good?  Tink & Key, Simply Stitched by Sara, Little Foot Boutique ,Twig Creative, Feather & Filly, Hello Apparel, Fine Little Day, She Is Clothing, Misfit Menagerie, Mag+Pie, and KenzieJaws  Check them out- support your fellow mamas! :D

I think that's all for today..... have a great TUESDAY! :D

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