Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Seafood Fest 2014

I ate a crab cake from this very stand above ^^^ and I can tell you it was indeed, the BEST.

 Shady carny rides are always such a hit with the kids.  I stand by holding my breath, waiting for a screw to pop out of something, somewhere.
 Just a chick chowin' down on a catfish finger... ya know.

 The bumper boats were a fave.  We spent far too much money on these suckers.

The way kids sit on their knees with their feet hanging off the backs of chairs... :) 
 Fair style lemonade is the bomb.   The kid with sugar and seeds floating around in it. You won't change my mind, ever.

 These guys were a hoot and had Henry in some state of hypnotic awe. 

 Nana snuggles.  Right after the festival, I went to the memorial of a friends mom.  I am so thankful for my mom... nana... and her nana snuggles.

 watching the pirate show.... Maeve less than thrilled.

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