Friday, March 21, 2014

Be Afraid

be very afraid...

I'm feeling motivated and so unstoppable right now. 

Other news:
  • Rosie has a regular ol' cold (no RSV or pneumonia)  YAY!
  • We're taking Henry to see a pirate reenactment tomorrow.  Hoping he survives the initial shock/excitement.  The boy is pirate obsessed.  We have to call him captain.  
  • I'm feeling really old- a tad rejected.  It's all good though.
  • I need to get to the beach asap.  And to the farmers market.... (tomorrow perhaps)
  • I want more with my photography but where's the time?
  • Huge decisions are terrifying.  I'm not a good decision maker. 
  • My dreams are so huge, my head can hardly contain them.  It's time to start moving.  :)

Happy Friday, xo

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