Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hospital Round 2...

  • I'm exhausted... but can't sleep.
  • Rosie's still retracting when she's breathing and its scaring me. 
  • I of course have caught some kind of illness (just cough, sore throat, etc.) in all of this time spent at hospitals and doctors.  Diffusing RC right now though and haven't coughed in about an hour.  That's what's up.
  • I watched "Bates Motel" last night, alone in the hospital room with Rosie and I scared myself.  Never again.
  • Last night Ryan drove up to Jacksonville (about 45 minutes away from our house) to bring me the necessities.  I about died when I pulled out Maeve's "My Little Pony" underwear... what the heck Ryan??? HAHA?!?!?!  Other than that, he did a good job... comfy sweatpants, tooth brush with the special picker thing to accommodate my braces, thieves toothpaste, my homemade deodorant, liquid xanax and sleep cream.
  • I would LOVE to know what the doctors and nurses thought of the mason jars lined up on the desk filled with said above concoctions (liquid xanax, sleep cream, deodorant)  HAHAHA.  #hippie
  • The worst sound ever- EVER- is someone vomiting.  It doesn't matter if its a kid or an adult... okay, well I guess its a little grosser if its an adult just because they're bigger.  But kids can puke an ocean too.  And the girl next to our room couldn't stop.  I mean, heartbreaking- for real- I felt for her.  But the sounds.  OH THE SOUNDS.  
  • We were quarantined for the night because they weren't sure what virus Rosie had.  I felt like I was living in E.T.  Every hour a gowned body, and masked face would appear over me... not cool.
  • I dreamed Taylor Swift came to our house and wanted to play with my sisters, but not me.  And I was pulling out all the stops- like, "Look TSwift- I can do a back handspring!"  She wasn't having it and just wanted to play with Meghan and Emily.  
  • This morning (I THINK) around 4 am I went on a search for coffee.  My throat was killing me and I couldn't sleep so I figured I'd just wake up and be ready for the day.  I was wandering around trying to find the nutrition room and a nurse asked me if I needed help getting back to my room.  I thought she was asking me, like "Hey did you get lost?  I can show you back to your kid."  But then she asked to see my armband.  We're in a CHILDREN'S hospital.  I know the braces can throw you, but wow... To her defense, my hair was completely out of control, I was wearing hospital socks and baggy sweatpants with a "hello" sweatshirt.  And then the braces of course.  
  •   I went on a minor Gap shopping spree last night... its just what happens.  I had a 40% off code, so it was all good.  And um- have you SEEN  this dress???  And part of me feels compelled to buy it in the next size as well.  That's the awesome thing about living in Florida- a simple dress will get you through 3 seasons, easily.  No need for snow crap.
  • They used some sort of vacuum contraption to get all the junk out of Rosie's nose last night- I want one installed in my house.  It was attached to the wall and had this sucker end that was small enough to fit up her nose- and I mean- it SUCKED that stuff out.  It was enough to fill a little container... crazy, right?!  I can't imagine how good that must've felt for Rose!
  • I have a thankful list (among all this junk- there's a LOT to be thankful for).  Here it is:  oxygen,  pillows, coffee, hospital socks, a relatively healthy kid, the weather channel (mindless images with music- and last night they were playing "The Head & The Heart!"), nurses who truly care and love your kid.  Maybe not love, but really like them;  I mean you can just tell- they genuinely like your kid and that's awesome.  Parents, sisters and a husband who will pick up the slack when the bottom drops out and you're stuck in a hospital 45 minutes away from home.  My OTHER children, and their health.  Our amazing pediatrician and her sincere care for our family.  Like, she wants the best for us- always steering us in the right direction.  And I'm so thankful for that.  I'm thankful for cellphones, specifically my iphone that allowed me to shop on Gap last night, and search for the missing Malaysian airplane.  Tivo... for recording everything I missed last night.  My oils... the weight loss combo specifically right now;  I've reached that stage where OTHERS have noticed a difference.  It's great to hear. :)  Friends who understand what distance is and who pay no mind to it.  On that same note, thankful that I have (or don't have, I guess) friends who know what distance is and make it known they won't be here.  I don't have time for that.  I want to invest my time, my energy into real friends.  And goodness... these past 3 years (how in the world have I gotten off into the last 3 years?) have taught me so much.  Anyways, I'm thankful for you friends- you know who you are.  Thank you for calling me out when I'm in the wrong, thank you for admitting when you're in the wrong.  Thank you for not caring about distance.  And Misty... I'm still not buying that you were on your way to Jacksonville yesterday with a pizza.... haha :)
  • That was more than I intended to spill... but so it goes.]

Good night, thank you for the prayers.  Kiss your sweet loved ones.  

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