Tuesday, July 2, 2013

all over the place bullets!

  • I am so ashamed to admit this.... but there's this show on Lifetime called "Pretty Wicked Moms" and I am pathetically hooked on it.  So sad.  So, so sad.   I tell myself its a lesson on how NOT  to be a wife and mother.  ;)
  • If you're a friend on facebook, you've heard me (and probably half of your facebook friends) raving about YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS!  hahaha!!!  A couple months ago I took the "plunge" and bought the kit- thinking I was going to try them out, and that would be that.  1 shocking (happy-shocking!) paycheck and a lot of oils later, I'm officially hooked.  I want to eventually do a blog post just on the oils because its crazy/amazing how useful and efficient they are.  The "side" money is just icing on the oily cake ;)  -BTW I'm putting in my monthly order THIS FRIDAY- if you want in on my prices and try an oil or two out, message me!
  • What the heck is a "watch and sniff" event of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo?"  I just saw it advertised on TLC... nooooooo.
  • We're having a heck of a time with naming this (incredibly active) child within me.  Here's a little back story:  When we found out we were pregnant with Maeve, I had a list of 2 or 3 girl names- none of which were Maeve.  I think they were "Elizabeth?  Annabelle (which is her middle name), and Piper?  I can't remember positively, but I THINK those were my names.  Anyways, in the middle of my ultrasound, when finding out the gender, my mom said, "Ohhhh she looks like a MAEVE!"  And from that moment on, I couldn't relate to the babe in the belly as anything other than Maeve.  And Maeve she is.  So that was pretty easy!  With Henry, Ryan and I had that name picked out forrrrrrever.  I've always loved it.  I didn't know a single Henry and every time I thought of the name, I pictured kings and queens and all things royal.  I loved it.  So his name was easy-peasy as well.  Miss Estella was a bit of a thinker, but still, not too bad.  My great grandmother's name was Estella so it was immediately on my list, but Tori Spelling had just named her daughter Stella.  UGH.  That was seriously cramping my style.  But again, I think when we found out it was a girl, I just started thinking of her as  "Estella."  And actually we don't call her just "Stella" too often.  It's mostly "Stella-June" which I absolutely love.  It gives it her own little spin on the name and fits her to a T.  SO baby #4 is currently baking and September is rapidly approaching (PRAISE THE LORD) but this little chica is totally nameless.  There have been many times where I think we have "IT!"  Like, "THIS" is the name and that's that!  But two days later, and I'm all wishy washy again.  UGH!  We have 3 names we're going back and forth on.  I have a favorite, Ryan has a favorite, and miss Maeve- she has very strong opinions on this whole baby naming thing.  And she's actually come up with some super cute ones (thanks to all the kid shows she watches).  We'll get there and I'm sure she'll have a name eventually ;)  But ohhhhh how I wish I "knew" her right now!  Does that make sense? 
  • So THIS just became TOP priority on our family's bucket list.  I can't think of anything better.  Honestly.  OMG!?!?!?!  We WILL do this one day!!!
  • Another thing I've been talking about (a LOT) on facebook is Henry and his awesome week at VBS!  Seriously, every time I think of that week I just SMIIIIIILE :)  He was such a big boy and so proud to have completed the week.  His little bag of crafts completely melts my heart;  especially when looking at Maeve's bag next to his.  Henry is a fan of ONE color and one color only:  RED.  Every single craft was covered in red, red, red.  Maeve is the opposite- if she could, she'd paint with a rainbow all day, every day.  Anyways, it was a huge week for me as a mama; watching Henry grow this year, from his speech therapy and a few developmental worries/scares to his success this week.  Ahhh.  Just watery eyes.  And a happy, full heart.  I love that guy so stinkin' much.  And I think finding out this baby is a girl, has unlocked a new little cove in my heart, just for Henry. 
  • Stella is speaking- like full sentences.  WHAT?!?!  Her fave is "I want that."  She's also singing "Happy Birthday" and "Twinkle, Twinkle."  I swear I was just pregnant with her.  This age is incredibly draining... she is on the go 24/7 (literally 24/7 as she is now in a big girl bed and can get out whenever she wants...OMG).  And she's feisty as heck.  You don't mess with Stella and Henry has learned that lesson more than once.  She loves being naked and doing her own thing.  Maeve and Henry play wonderfully together, while Stella tends and prefers to be alone.  She marches to her own beat... and its a crazy, wild beat!  However, if possible, I'd still pause life and keep all my kids in this moment.   It's truly bittersweet watching them grow. 
  • Ryan and I concluded tonight (and like, every night) that parenting is hard.  Haha :)  Tonight we installed a new gate in the girls room (trying to limit Stella's night time activities).  Neither Maeve or Stella June was happy about it.  And as Maeve shouted her protests and Stella wailed beside her, Ryan and I hung our heads in defeat and conceded... yes, parenting is really, REALLY hard.
  • Our seven year anniversary was yesterday.  That's kind of nuts!  When I married Ryan, I was sure I knew what our married life would be like.  After all, we had dated for like a thousand years.  It's kind of terrifying how much I didn't know; not necessarily about Ryan, or our relationship, but about myself.  When we were married we were most definitely two separate people, with black and white ideas.  We've since somehow kind of morphed and merged into this single being, bending into each others thoughts, ideas, and dreams.  This doesn't mean we're just sugar and happiness all the time.  We most definitely have disagreements and hard days, but there is this new found confidence that we'll continue to meet in the middle, me bending his way, or him bending my way.  It's a beautiful dance of sorts ;)

I think... that's it for tonight!  Happy hump day (tomorrow) YESSS!  

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Nicole said...

Glad to see you blogging again!!! Y#SSSSS!!!! We need do something to help encourage eachother to blog more. I need to blog more often too!! :(

Pigs swimming... hmm. weird.

I can't wait to hear your baby names!!! EEEEK!! I looove talking baby names.