Monday, December 10, 2012

Last Thursday.

  • Maeve and Henry had a WCC (well child check) on Thursday.  The quick rundown:  Maeve failed her hearing test (what?? This came out of nowhere- but we're seeing an ENT this Friday).  Henry had 2 shots.  Maeve had 4 :(.  It was the longest, most wild appointment ever. 
  • An hour before the rehearsal on Thursday my mom was taken to the ER with swelling in her leg and high blood pressure. 
  • The big ballet show was this weekend.  That combined with the WCC's and my mom's ER visit have shaved years off my life, I'm sure.  Maeve was a bumble bee and a butterfly, which required a quick change and lots of rehearsals. 

The rest of the weekend flowed well (dinner with friends, downtown and a photo session); but here I am on Monday, feeling completely out of sorts, dreaming of sleep. 

I promise I'll get back into the flow of things- I need to blog about the show of course, and about my Christmasy encounter at Hobby Lobby... :)

Oh and the etsy shell shop is going great!  Which is a fabulous thing, but time consuming.  Instead of making individual shell runs to the shops as needed, I guess I should just take stock in shells or something? :) 

Thanks for reading & checking in on our happenings- I'll be back soon with pictures galore :)

For now.... use code ITSCHRISTMAS for 30% your entire order at Stella Says Smile!!!

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The Captain's Wife said...

K always fails her hearing at the pedi. i then take her to the ENT where she passes with flying colors :) i bet you will have the same experience.
Hope your mom is feeling better.