Friday, November 30, 2012

friday night leftovers. :)

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge Winner - Top 10 Photo

  • ^^^^I got my top 10 heart faces button.  I can knock something off my bucket list... of course now I'm shooting for #1 :)  aim high, right? 
  • I have a date tomorrow night with this really hot guy.  It's been like... months since we've gone out so I'm super excited.  Part of our date includes cocktails at the SPY lounge.  I haven't had alcohol due to the lovely ulcers in a LONG time.  (aside from a super watered down mimosa on Thanksgiving morning).  I am dying for a margarita...with salt and olives.  YUM.  Let's all hope that my hot date night doesn't end in the ER. haha ;)
  • Do you listen to Bon Iver?  If so, what's your fave. song?  I have always loved "Skinny Love" but that was about it.  I actually thought most of his stuff was crazy and weird.  But now I'm super into him.... it's like the perfect fall asleep music :)
  • How valuable am I?  What is my worth?  Like, the worth of my time?  That's been a huge question that's been eating away at me this week.  I spend an insane amount of time with photography... and I love it, I do.  But it's hard not to do the math and realize I'm making about 2.00/hr.  I hope I'm worth more than that.  Good God.
  • tis the season for BOKEH! :DDD YES!
  • I am ALL DONE Christmas shopping.  Like, DONE.  DONE.   I am so excited to see my kids' faces on Christmas morning!  What gifts did y'all get that you're excited to give?  Did you do the "hot toy" thing (like furby's and all that?) or did you go with classics?  We went small this year- I tried to stick to just a couple high quality, wooden toys or activity toys (aka Melissa and Doug) per kid.  I avoided plastic stuff... I can't take anymore squinkies or stuffed animals. 
  • OH- my status on facebook the other night "Whoops"- I meant to blog about it but with Stella's doc appointment I forgot... anyways WHOOPS-  WARNING: will take ridiculously low hotel bids so don't dream and pretend like you're going on a vacation to the Pacific Northwest and put in a crazy bid of 25 bucks for a hotel... because you might win it.  Yeah... whoops.

That's all for tonight.  Looking forward to a peaceful, uneventful weekend :)

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Shannon said...

Your so lucky to have your Christmas done! Yay!