Tuesday, November 20, 2012

tuesday fact night.

I'm just writing whatever comes to my mind.  forgive, forgive.
  • I have a pail of sand beside me.  Honestly.  A neon orange, giant bucket of sand.  Sitting next to me on my night stand.  Weird?  Kind of.  But I've been blessed to have a slew of dream jar orders from my etsy listing.  Very cool.  Especially considering Christmas is on its way! 
  • Sitting to my left I have an Amazon box that still has tear speckles on it, from when I leaned over to open it.  Thank you again Jill.  Words can't describe your sweetness, lady. 
  • my stomach hates me.  I'm sure of it.  If it's anything aside from water or soda, I feel its wrath.  And I'm so tired of it.  I take the dang "old people pills" (that's what I call them... )really its Protonix.  It's supposed to reduce the acid in my stomach- and I have to admit, they ARE working... but still... it will be a good day when I can eat dinner without feeling like horking after.  (sorry if that's TMI- just be thankful I didn't post it as a status on facebook ;)
  • fairly sure Henry's ear infection has returned.  JUST in time for Thanksgiving!   Thankfully we noticed it today and not tomorrow... meaning, we still have time to get him into the doc before thanksgiving.
  • Who's doing black Friday??  I normally love black Friday, but thanks to one seriously amazing, giving person I don't have much to buy for Christmas!...  Last year black Friday was spent like this: 
  • My grandma had some kind of crazy blockage/pancreas attack.  Emily, my mom and I camped out in the ER  for hours.  Around 1 AM or so, my mom asked if we would run to Walmart to get some magazines.  We were so beside ourselves from the drama of everything, we had forgotten it was black friday until we pulled into Walmart...  and by then it was too late.  It was the CRAZIEST night ever.  One of those nights that doesn't feel real... but was.  Weird.  Anyways Emily, it wasn't the greatest of circumstances, but  Walmart at 1 AM on black Friday was a trip with you!  haha!
  • OMG most horrible feeling in the world?  Swallowing a pill and having it get "stuck."  Now let me tell you, this is a myth.  I've asked my doctor about it.  Pills can't get "stuck" in there.  They might get stuck for like a second or two, but its not how you picture it; (pill in the middle of your throat) it just irritates a part of your throat, making it feel like you've got Montana embedded in there.  (yes.  I just swallowed a pill and it got "stuck.")
  • BAHAHA Maeve wants to go to the "ABC" store so bad.   For those that don't know, (there may be some up north?) there's this chain of stores down here called the "ABC" liquor store.  All Maeve sees are the giant "A-B-C" letters.  It fills me with that fluffy kid-love feeling, knowing that she thinks its a must-see, ABC store... where one would find things for the alphabet, I presume?  I'm going to let her keep thinking  that till she's 30. ;)
  • Do you have Taylor Swift's new CD, "Red?"  Yes?  What's your favorite song?  Mine is "All Too Well."  It makes me angry but in a cathartic way.
  • Something I dislike:  When my dog (Lola) comes in here (my bedroom) and stares at me.  Like what?  For real... she freaks me out sometimes.  It doesn't help her case that she has 2 lazy eyes either. 

And last but not least... what I'm thankful for today, (the 20th) is my beloved.  The PB to my J.  "The wink to my nod," the pea to my pod.  And I could keep going forever.

Ryan.  You are what I'm thankful for today (and every day:).  Thank you for sending me funny texts throughout the day just to make me laugh.  Thank you for finding me attractive when I haven't showered in a week.  Thank you for doing laundry!  My gosh.  I hate laundry... and you do it.  Thank you.  Thank you for being the best captain colossus with the kids ever.  It's the high light of the kids' and I's nights for sure.  Thank you for getting up ridiculously early to work and provide for us.  And thank you for coming home in a great mood; even though you've been up since 5, skipped lunch and have three littles screaming at your feet.  Thank you for getting my meds.  It's such a funny ritual that was started years ago, and I'm certainly able to do it myself, but it still cracks me up- every single night- when you show up with my medicine and "poisoned" water.  Thank you for saying I love you so much, that I never have to question it.  And thank you for loving me most when I deserve it the least.

MAUH.  You're the best.  And I'm insanely blessed.

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Tamara Tipton said...

awwww! Sweet. Your hubby sounds wonderful, even if he does poison the water (LOL).

Now I feel a little guilty though. I borrowed your idea and I am making dream jars for my coworkers for Christmas. I should have ordered from you. :-(

Anyway, hope you are feeling better today. Be blessed my friend and have a happy Thanksgiving, surrounded by love.