Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Winner of DOLLOP :D

Thank you blog readers (and blog reader guests?) who read and commented on the Dollop post.

One lucky lady (and her kids) are going to get a sample pack of Dollop's Frosting packets- Peanut butter, cookie dough... um... yum.

So here's the screenshot:
There were 11 comments total, and one person commented twice- so with my calculations that means miss Jessica Tappan has WON the sample packets!
Congrats lady!  Email me at ashleymckenney07@gmail.com with your info and I will hook up up with the lovely Heather... you shall soon be eating frosting. 
Lucky YOU! :D
Thanks again alllllll!
Back to regular blog posting tomorrow!


Nessa Bixler said...

Totally missed the yumminess - catching up and way behind. The new little one still eating up me time - but that is ok.

Jessica said...

Yahoo!!! I totally missed this because of being sick. Yay!!!! :)