Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Phone DUMP

I know its supposed to be "Friday Phone Dump" but truthfully, my phone needed dumping like a year ago.  It certainly won't hurt anything to dump it today :)

Stella chooses to sleep while at the store... I heard her saying the other day, "night/nap time is for weaklings!"  For real though- to date she is my WORST SLEEPER.  

I made decoupage letters for Henry's room.  I'm not crafty at all.  But I like the way they turned out.

We've been having some amazing sunsets.  And I have to photograph them via phone...every. single. night.  It's a problem.

Sometimes when its raining and we're driving (I, am obviously the PASSENGER in the car!) I like to take pics of blurred out lights.  Another weird quirk I guess.

This has been such an exciting week- partnering up with Dollop... :D

Oh and we went to Disney... and brought home this incredibly, crazy-cute snack food play set.
 This is my work station.  It's totally profesh.

This kid is taking FOUR classes- 2 ballet/2 gymnastics classes- A WEEK!  And she loves it.  

It was my birthday and my husband found the perfect gift.  Twilight temporary tattoos.
"I run with vamps"
 Kid is completely obsessed with superheros.  Batman, Spider man, Superman.... and when he's in costume you best be calling him by the right name (" Hey Batman come on... lunch!")

Oh my.  Another birthday party picture.  Yeah I had a "Breaking Dawn" cake.

Chubalub sun bathing.

We went to my cousins bridal shower in Welaka.  Maeve totally won the clothespin game.  She was so excited to win a prize :)  It was a picture frame- and the entire way home she couldn't stop proclaiming the wonders of this picture frame and how she had WON it.

There's more I'd like to blog about and say.... but pictures are going to have to do the job tonight. 


So, so tired.

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