Friday, October 5, 2012

"Currently" (Thanks PM)

So I am a huge fan of Chelsey's.  She's crazy cool and artsy and does an INCREDIBLE job with her blog.  Seriously- if you haven't checked it out- you must.  It's beeee-uuuu-tiful :D   

This is the second time now, I've "stolen" a post of hers ;)  What can I say?  I like your style Chelsey! :D

So with that......
Obsessing over:  Writing.  Writing.  Writing.  It's a good obsession but one that has me constantly with my head against the wall.  I am thankful for the giant net of encouragement I have wrapped around me... watch out- name dropping....NOW:  My husband, Aunt Trish, Ron- a published author himself (totally eating up all his helpful info), Meghan and Emily, Misty.... xoxo to you all.
Working on:  (see above ;) ^^^  But along with writing, I'm working on organizing this madness we call home.  Holy.  The amount of clothes, toys and other assorted junk is overwhelming.  I have this dream to become a top eBay seller though, so I'm forbidding Ryan to dispose of any of it.  (I know... hoarder much?)
Thinking about: Maeve's 5th birthday.  Wondering where time goes and wishing I could stay in this moment forever; With a 5 year old, a 2 year old and one year old.  Yeah I change a lot of diapers... but my gosh, we are seriously living an amazing life.
Anticipating: Mallory's wedding and roadtrippin' to Mississippi!  Oh and "Breaking Dawn: Part 2"- can't lie... like, I might have a countdown on our family calender to the opening night.
Listening to: Pandora (DUH)... Bon Iver, "Beach Baby"
Drinking:  I just drank a cup of coffee (yeah, at 8 PM)... unsure of the motive, as now I am wanting to go for a run in the rain.
Wishing: I had the right words.

Thanks again Chelsey for the outline!  LURVE it ;D

Happy weekend lovelies!

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