Friday, September 14, 2012


Thank you Chelsey for outlining this post!  It's fun, informative and perfect for an end of the week "brainless" kind of post ;)
Obsessing over:  my big dreams.
Working on:  Everything.  Felting flowers for little ballerinas to stock in my mom's ballet studio.  Felting flowers, thrifting, antiquing, flea marketing (is that a word?) to stock up my Etsy shop.  Writing, writing, writing.  Photography;  there aren't enough hours in the day to finish the pictures clogging up my computer.  I am still working on wedding pictures from JUNE.  (holding my head down in shame).
Thinking about:  Maeve's homeschooling curriculum.  When we made "the decision" a couple of weeks ago, I hopped on Amazon and bought the entire Sonlight Curriculum (kindergarten) and felt great about it.  It took one lesson to realize that a boxed set just isn't for us.  And its strange how you (I) can figure this out.  Homeschooling moms will tell you, "You'll just know what to do with your kid."  And by golly, I do.  We packed up the Sonlight stuff (which is a great curriculum- I might just be too ADD for it or something... I like variety ;) and I began searching for that perfect vocab workbook, science book, phonics book, etc.  And I think... at the moment anyway, we've got a pretty good set up.  We are using Hand Writing Without Tears which I cannot say enough amazing things about.  (THANK YOU KIM BICKEL for the recommendation!)  Maeve absolutely loves this book.  It's her "favorite school book."  For math, we're using Saxon Math which to be honest, I'm not wild about.  I got a recommendation for something called, "Math U See" which I need to look more into...  For Phonics (Thank you Brianna!) I JUST ordered Sing, Spell, Read & Write .  I'm excited to get it ;)  For Science (which is my favorite thing to "teach") we're using a super simple Brain Quest workbook.  I was hesitant at first with it because it was so cheap compared to the other books we've gotten, but its simple and Maeve loves the pictures.  And it's KINDERGARTEN SCIENCE... really ;)  Proud mommy moment yesterday at dinner: 
Ryan:  "Maeve what did mama teach you today?"
Maeve:  "Things are alive.  But not this table.  Or the lights.  Because to be alive you need food, water and air."
Me:  (tears in my eyes)  "That's right!  That's exactly what we read!" 
Haha, such a little moment, but a proud one for me..... ;)
Anticipating:  My birthday (Monday) & Disney (Thursday).  Big week ahead!!! :D
Listening to:  Iron & Wine/Fleet Foxes/Of Monsters & Men/The Avett Brothers Pandora station... good stuff.
Drinking: nothing... wish I had a marg in hand... its 5:00 somewhere, right? 
Wishing:  This list could be 3 miles long, but I'll throw out just one of my many wishes:  I wish my canon rebel worked (my baby broke last month) and it's making me nervous taking out my 50d everywhere we go....
Have a good weekend!  :) 


Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Happy almost birthday! Enjoy a margarita. ;)

Ashley McKenney said...

Why thank you girl! ;)

The Paulk's said...

We are doing Handwriting without Tears also. Also doing Saxon, which yes, I'm not thrilled about...but the kids LOVE. BUT I've heard as many good things about Math U See as I've heard bad things. (Also have heard good about Horizons) We are doing All About Spelling for spelling. The Oridinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading (Reading) and I think that's it. I am enrolling them in a program at the Nature Center for Science and Ty has agreed to do a science activity every Saturday morning :).