Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

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  • I need a career.  Ya know, one that brings in some money not just soggy cheerios.  But don't for a second think I'm saying mommy-hood is not a career.  It is.  And its a travesty we mama's aren't all millionaires going on play dates at Disney... whateves.  I have photography, which I absolutely love but I'm having a hard time finding balance... I'm fairly sure my kids think the camera is my 2nd head.  They hate it.  All three of them.  We'll be having this amazing time; Barefoot kids with Popsicle stained faces; its something out of a movie- so of course I'll run to get my camera, desperate to capture this fleeting moment and as soon as I do, the smiles, laughter and "candidness" (is that a word?) disappears.  So I've been trying not to touch the camera, rather live in the moment with them.  It's hard though.  I feel like there's a constant itch and I'm unable to scratch.   And while I'm not lugging out the big ol' camera every two seconds, I can feel my fingers getting rusty with the settings.  Hopefully if and when I book a job I remember how to work the camera. 
  • Oh anyways, about that career thing.  I think I want to be a professional blogger.  That sounds like it would fit quite well with my lifestyle.  I'll go ahead and start pursuing that now.   Advertisers?  Endorsement peeps?  Right here is where you wanna be.  Bahahaha.
  • Tuesday morning I go back in the hossy and under the knife for what will be hopefully my one and  ONLY Lithotripsy procedure.  5:30 AM is the magic hour and I have to say I am a wee bit excited to have this stone blasted.  What stone you ask?  Ohhh.. its that 8mm one that is stuck in my left kidney causing me the most nauseating pain.  To put that size in comparassion, the stones I've previously passed have all been about 1-2mm.  Can I get a  YOWWWCH up in here????
  • Previous to last month's cystoscopy I had never had surgery.  After Tuesday, I will have had two.  Craziness.   Anywho, I had a pre-op appointment this morning at the hospital.  It was completely unexpected.  My mom, grandma, the kids and I were out for breakfast (a mighty good breakfast- peanut butter pancakes and pineapple water) when my phone rang;  It was my urologist saying I needed to get into the hospital for labwork.  Blah.  EKG's and pokes were not in my plans for the day.   A major perk to having my mom here is being able to say, "Um...  I have to go to the hospital, like, now.  So... can you take the kids?"  I cannot even imagine doing this on my own.  I mean, really- it shaves years off my life just thinking about bringing my children to the hospital for these long appointments. 
  • Perk to being in the hossy for the morning:  Dinking around on my phone, undisturbed (besides nurses getting vitals, and taking blood) and raiding the "treat" basket in the waiting area.  Sorry to all who entered after me.... I totally swiped every rice crispy treat and left the south beach diet bars.
  • Non-perk to being in the hossy for the morning:  Watching an older lady have a great big accident.  And smelling it for the next hour.  God bless this woman.  My heart felt (and still feels) so sad for her.  It took a team of nurses and janitors to clean up the mess in the waiting room.  And I cannot imagine her embarrassment.  But sweet Lord.  That's all I'm going to say.
  • So, my kids are OBSESSED with my parents new house.  I mean, who wouldn't be?  It's awesome.  But they're like sickly obsessed with it.  The first thing we talk about in the morning is when we're going to nana's and the last thing we talk about at night is what we did at nana's and if we're going again the next day.  After this morning's pre-op junk I went to pick them up and the second Henry saw me he started crying, banging his head on the wall and wailing, "NOOOOOOO MAMAMAMAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  What a lovely greeting.  I'm not taking it personally though.  I get it.  Nana and Papa have a giant attic play room full of old toys that need discovering and a great backyard with sand pits and a pool to play in.  Comparing it to our condo... well, um. .. I kind of want to live at my parents' too.  ;) heehee
  • Stella is turning a year old on Monday.  I am demanding to know how this has happened.  Surely, it has not been an entire year since I first laid eyes on that babe.  I've been working on her "Dear Stella" birthday post... it has me incredibly emotional lately.
  • I am super sad the Olympics are over.  Really, 4 more years?  Ugh.
  • Lola (our dog) fast fact:  She will eat out of the trash.  She will drink out of the toilet.  She will stick her face into the grimiest of places.  However if a child say, spills a cup of crackers on the floor?  She won't touch them.  What in the world?!?!  I guess if they were smeared in dirt first or something... but gosh, this little habit/flaw or whatever you want to call it of hers is starting to drive me nuts.  Who am I kidding?   The dog in general is driving me nuts.  Anyone want a boxer?  Boxer for sale?  Anyone?

Okay folks... I think that's it for this week's leftovers!

Have a seriously fantastic weekend and go buy a long hippie skirt.  :)



k and j said...

I still read and love your blog momma!!

Ashley McKenney said...

why thank you jules! :)