Friday, July 20, 2012

nothing much

Today was a bad day.   Anxiety has me in its iron grip. 

Plugging out the world, lighting some candles and thanking God for what we have... that's how I'm ending my day.

My mind wants to go there.  But I can't let it. 

I have three sleeping, healthy children.  God is here, He's with us.  He's with them.  I have peace that is my right to claim.  And I'm going to do that.  Now.

Prayers with everyone involved with the Colorado shootings.


misty said...

I'm right there with you sweet friend. I'll be saying my prayers soon and peace will be at the heart of them this evening...and comfort for Colorado. Rest in Him...and I'm going to do the same. :)

Nessa Bixler said...

Hoping today is a better day!!

Shannon said...

Hoping its a better day sooner than later! (ps I'm making a new blog, private and I want to add you as a reader :) send me an email so I can add ya! I'd love too! Thanks!!