Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Sweet Little Post

Today was one of those awesome, lazy Saturdays that everyone deserves to have once in awhile! 

Pancakes for breakfast (made by dadda), a quick trip to the park, naps with Stella and dinner out with mom, grandma and my sister...


Here are some sweet little glimpses from our day. :)

Sweet Stells looking out the window.  She's ready to run.

All three littles meeting in Maeve's room for a book conference (or something like that...:)

Dinner with Meggie, Nana and GIGI!

My fancy cheese and olive board.

A few other sweet little things I don't want to forget:

A conversation on the way to dinner:

Me:  Maeve, look at that castle!  That's where all the princesses live.

Maeve:  No... that's where I live.  I need to go home there.

Me:  Well, its just a pretend castle.  It's probably dark and spooky inside.  Remember, the real princesses are at Disney.

Maeve:  Mom.  It is not dark and spooky it is beautiful.  And I'm a real princess and I need to go home there.

Me:  We'll talk about it at dinner.

Walking through the grocery store, Maeve spots a young lady with "eccentric" hair (purple, blue, etc.) 
Maeve:  Mom!  Look at her hair!  That is so beautiful like my pony's hair!


Well, my cats on my head, licking my hair and a new lifetime movie is about to start.  I'm taking that as a cue its time to turn off the computer and head for bed.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!  Be safe! xoxo!

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Shannon said...

Cute pics!! I need to find you on instagram!

Ashley said...

I'm aritamc! What's your name?

Ashley said...

I'm aritamc! What's your name?