Monday, May 28, 2012


Randoms & Ramblings.

  • It's MONDAY not Sunday.  I have to keep telling myself this.
  • I just found my cat in the toilet.  For real.  IN the toilet.  He's like spider man; Somehow he spreads his legs out so his body doesn't touch the water, but he's able to drink it.  So disgusting although I must applaud his talent.
  • I didn't take one picture today (Memorial Day).  STINK!
  • I went on a "shopping spree" on Saturday; taking advantage of the Memorial day sales and a recent photography job, I decided it was time to get some new shorts.  It's so unfortunate the way my body looks.  It does not matter how much I weigh; I will always have stretch marks and saggy skin.  I am right at my goal weight, feeling great, but still not looking right in clothes.  I don't know... its hard to explain.  Maybe its not me- maybe its that every pair of jean shorts are cut up to the butt cheeks!?  But I ended up coming out with a skirt (down to my shins)... will I ever wear jean shorts again??  Stay tuned...
  • I hate moral dilemmas.  
  • I totally believe in God things.  "God things" being "things" that fall into your life, lap, etc. I'm not going to expand on it too much, but God has put something on my heart, and day after day its been confirmed.  And its SUCH a God thing.  I don't know what will come of "it." But as my sister Meghan said, "If it's from the Holy Spirit, you can't go wrong."  :) 
  • I totally loved the tropical storm.  I mean, really... I was ready to have a Tropical Beryl party!  It was awesome!  I drove out to the beach on Sunday afternoon and watched the ocean (alone!!!) for half hour or so.  It was incredible to see the waves- just the strength and power of the ocean.  Incredible! 
  • Also incredible, is the stupidity of some people...  apparently its "fun" to go swimming during a tropical storm?  While I was watching the ocean I saw at least two people being dragged out of a rip current.  If the waves are 10 feet high and the tide is half way up the sea wall, don't go into the ocean.  UGH.  I have a cop friend who said there were 4 near drownings...
  • Michigan friends, I'll be seeing you soon! 

THANK GOD for a 4 day week!  :D  

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amy adams said...

Fact: jean shorts are now only made for teenagers or women who have long legs & never had a kiddo ;). Went shopping last week with my girl friend and VS Pink. I'm on a mission to find cute sweat pants.... She's looking for jean shorts. She is 30, single... No kids. And has amazing legs and I kinda hate her for it! Lol!!!

But if you do find a pair.... Please tell!!!!!

amy adams said...

Ps.... It's amycakes here :) from ig. I'm loving your cute blog!!!!