Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Wait; is it already Friday?
  • Why, yes it is.
  • It was picture week at the studio and I basically spent my time hunched over, squinting through the lens of my camera.
  • I had some downtime in between classes and a Barnes & Noble happens to reside closely to the studio... I found myself there way too often.  (wait- is it possible to be at B&N too often?  No...)  I picked up a few okay reads.  (I say okay, because I'm in the middle of two of them, neither which has me captivated...)
  • I am entirely over the Kardashians.  I never really cared for them to begin with, but it seems like I'm seeing them evvvvvverywhere.  In fact, I just saw that Kim Kardashian is going to be invading my Lifetime???  Ugh... stay on E!  or better yet, stay off the camera.
  • Stella's first word is kitty.  Yep.  Not mama or dadda... but kitty.  Granted, it doesn't sound like "Kitty." It sounds more like "Keeeeeesshhh!"  But she's most definitely talking about the cat. 
  • I am SO excited for the summer Olympics!! :D  YAY!!!  I'm going to be dressed in red, white and blue for two weeks straight.  GO USA!!!
  • Maeve told me today that I can't be a winner.  I asked "What are you talking about?" With a shrug of the shoulders she simply said,  "You're not the winner mom."  I still have no idea what she was talking about....
  • Our trip to Michigan is coming up way too fast.  Mixed feelings for sure. 
  • Did you know Carrabbas is not only a decent place for Italian food, but also a pretty good locale to pick up guys?  Not for me obviously,- but for my two, younger, single, beautiful sisters.  Here's how you do it:  If you have a young, good looking waiter, start out by saying  things like "that was so sweet of you" when he brings you extra mushrooms.  And when he comes back to ask about drink refills, have your sisters senior pictures laid out in a row on display, right alongside the forks and knives.  This will most definitely prompt a conversation.  And if all goes according to plan, after dinner, you'll hand deliver your sister  a phone number, written on a bar napkin.  To conclude this Carrabbas love story, I believe they (Meghan & Carrabbas guy) did end up going out for sangrias.  Cool, huh?  I felt successful.
  • Oh... I have to have a cystscopy.  Which really isn't a big deal in and of itself... but the reason why they're doing it is kind of freaking me out.  The lining of my bladder is super thick and they're not sure why.  Thus, the scope.  It's just outpatient surgery and I'll be put under so I don't have to feel the stupid camera... but blah.  I'm not too thrilled with my kidney/bladder performance these past few months.

I think that's all for this week.... have a great weekend! :)  And head over to Sippy Cups for more FNL!! :D

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Danifred said...

I can't wait for the summer Olympics. It reminds me of when I was a kid and it was the. biggest. deal. ever.