Saturday, March 24, 2012

pool of thoughts :)

Inspired by the notorious MckMama.  She does these great posts called "Stream of Consciousness" where she just writes random things.  Nothing flows, but they're very informative posts, and they're good for Saturday nights when you've had a margarita. 

 Our neighborhood had a "block party" garage sale.  It was awesome.  We loaded the kids in the wagon and hit up all the garages.  We found Henry some Thomas stuff and a set of BEEEA-UTIFUL bamboo/wicker tables.  I'm the only person on the planet not seeing "The Hunger Games" this weekend.  BOO.  My parents watched the kids tonight so Ryan and I could go out for dinner.  Out of all the places in St. Augustine to go, we picked Mango, Mangos.  Typical.  We go there almost every weekend.  But its consistently good.  And its right on the ocean.  Instead of coming home with the rest of the fam, Maeve chose to stay with Nana... they're going to the 9:40 showing of "The Lorax." haha- good luck with that Mom!  I am 10- TEN FLIPPING pounds away from my goal weight.  How can this be???  I feel like I've ben dieting and nursing for months... 7 months to be exact.  Speaking of a certain 7 month old... we've got a mover.  She is such a spitfire.  And (obviously) I can't predict the future, but  I'm fairly sure I'm going to have my hands full with her.  She's developing some crazy, curly, strawberry blond hair; that's gotta be trouble, right? :)  I made a "wish" list last night.  Amung my "wishes" a new bed (ours is two seconds away from collapsing), a new lens (85mm/1.8) an external flash, an iphone or some kind of new phone that will hold a battery charge for more than 30 minutes... anyways long story short, my wishlist added up to a staggering amount.  My only hope is the lottery.  Last week I did play the Florida Powerball (40 mill!) and matched 2 numbers.  My heart stopped when it was the first 2 numbers.  Unfortunately the last 3 were not.  Not matches, that is.  Double boo.  We went to the beach yesterday (during the day).  This is rare for us during the week.  The beach is hard with little ones, therefore I usually save beach trips for when I have my wingman along.  Friday though, marked a special day; my sister meghan was leaving for MS (actually she's leaving for EUROPE) so we had a "good bye" party for her at the beach.  Everyone (minus Ryan) was there.  Even my dad.  Speaking of my dad... I had a conversation with him that I can't get off my mind.  We were standing there in this warm little tide pool, watching Maeve and Henry frolic around.  Stella, in my arms was snoozing.  Things were pretty much perfect.  I was daydreaming about baby names (I know- I have an obsession with names).  I told my dad if I had a girl, I'd name her _____ and if I had a boy I'd name him ______.  And he said, "Why does that matter?  You have 3 kids."  And thus began the discussion of large families versus small families.  I come from a huge family.  (well I think its huge).  My dad was from an even bigger family.  I've always thought I, myself would have a big family.  Apparently, with the stinking economy, the more kids you have, the more strain and stress on your finances?!  Well... again, this is according to my dad.  And yes, he does speak some truth here.  Kids are SO expensive (did you know you have to feed them?  Like every day- they eat..;).  But I met this woman the other day, at none other than Chick-fil-A.  She was a mom of SEVEN.  SEVVVVVEN children!  And had one on the way.  Her flock was sitting around a table, nicely eating their lunch.  My four year old was wrestling with some kids in the playroom, my two year old was picking fries off the floor and my baby, well, my baby was just hanging out... still, you get the picture.  I asked her "How do you do it?  I mean, how do you physically, emotionally, financially do it?"  She was so sweet and told me a bit about their life style, and she also told me this Irish proverb:  "With every child born, comes a loaf of bread."  (or something like that... I can't remember exactly what she was saying because I was trying to keep ice cream from ending up in my ear...) basically, God always provides.  So the next time I have the money argument with my dad, I'm going to reassure him that whether we're a family of 5 or 15 (I have an intuition it will be much closer to the number 5 ;), we'll be okay.  Wow that was a long thought cloud...  Glorious weather has hit the south.  I mean, really, its pretty much always glorious.  But its been just perfect.  I told Ryan I felt like I was immersed in a "pool" of weather.  I know.  That makes as much sense as having ice cream in my ear.  I was trying to say that the weather felt like a second skin- sooooo comfortable and lovely.  We've had the windows open in our condo/apartment/whatever-the-heck this thing is.  Hey- did you know Florida has lots of creepy crawlers?  Yes, yes, they seem to reside here.  And they seem to like our house.  I swear if I pull one more lizard out of my sliding door I'm going to hurl.  I'll save you the gory details, but basically, a lizard (SOMEHOW?!?!) makes its way into our house, and sits in the grooves of our slider door.  I don't notice said lizard until its...too late.  And then, well, I'm making up stories about biology and lizard body parts.  But I can't say "I just smashed the lizard and this is his leg, and now I'm going to chuck him out the window."  See how wonderful this long thought pool is?  I can just keep going and going!  Actually, I can't.  I'm getting super sleepy.
 I hope you enjoyed my pool of thoughts.  I hope you found your way out of them! :) 

Have an awesome Sunday! :D
(we have a lunch date with my grandma...:) yayyyy!

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You have to read the latest blog entry from this momma - I'm sure that you'll see yourself in a lot of it! COMFORTABLE CHAOS :-)