Monday, January 9, 2012


  • fact.  I just booked our Disney vacay for 2012.  Yes. Yes. Yes.
  • fact.  I think I might have the stomach flu.  Bleccchhh.
  • fact.  April/May cannot come soon enough- I want out of this apartment.
  • fact.  Stella's crib is filled with laundry.  (no worries- she's not in there ;)
  • fact.  I used 30 percent of our grocery budget this week so I could spend the remaining 70% on some "must have" items at Target... (rolling my eyes)
  • fact.  I can only muster up the brain power for bullet point posts.
  • fact.  I need to get thicker skin.
  • fact.  I think the dentist forgot a sliver of tooth or something- I've got this sharp little thing poking in my wisdom tooth hole.
  • fact.  I miss my sister. {meghan}
  • fact.  Ryan's doing the dishes... and I'm blogging.  I'm so thankful for an amazing husband :)
  • fact.  Maeve told me today, (after I took the toothpaste away from Henry) "That was mean of you to take that.  And that's the problem I have right now with you."    whaaattt???
  • fact.  I really miss Lola! 
  • fact. God has a reason for me to be here. (here- in Saint Augustine)- I've always thought that, but the feeling has been stronger lately.  Like I am really finding my footing... figuring some things out, seeing an amazing, brilliantly, bright future.  The people I've met, the places I've been, have all brought so much peace into my life. 
  • fact.  As much as I love our life here in the tropics... I miss my good mama friends sooooo badly!!!
  • fact.  I'm going to bed :)

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1 comment:

k and j said...

hey long, lost friend! love this post ;) might need to copy it!