Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lets talk about STELLA! :)

I have absolutely stunk at blogging- and poor Stells is getting the shaft.  Maeve practically has a saga written about her 4 years of life. Henry's got a good novel going... and Stella's got like, a page or two?  eek... bad.

Anyways, I'm going to talk all things Stella today.

Stella is 5 months old (yesterday!) and the little Junebug is doing something new every day.  It's so exciting because (obviously) you love seeing your children thrive, but at the same time, I want to time trap her!  :)

Stella (compared to the other two) is kind of that middle of the road kid.  She's not as cranky as Maeve was as a baby, but not as happy as Henry was.  She fusses quite a bit- hates her carseat- but can be easily comforted.  I think she just longs to be held all day :) 

She is mighty strong.  She's been strong since she was in my belly.  I remember my sisters feeling the kicks and saying "she's going to be crazy!!!"  I'd say "noooo... she's going to be my calm one!" haha :) nope.

She is pushing up on all 4's... almost sitting up, and she army crawls/rolls herself from one end of the room to the other.

She's fascinated with Maeve and Henry.  They are the BEST "babysitters."  If I set Stella in front of them, whatever they're doing, wherever we are, she'll sit and watch them. 

She coos and smiles and is SO close to laughing. 

She is a nursing piggy.  I swear... I've been so afraid that this will be our last baby, that I've completely "babied" her... She sleeps next to me, and as she likes, throughout the night, she nurses.  This is both good and bad.  Good, because its the sweetest thing ever.   Bad, because I'm afraid she'll be 5 and still wanting to nurse.  And also bad because I desperately need some solid sleep. 

Every afternoon I get STELLA TIME.  Henry naps, Maeve is supposed to be doing quiet activities (alone), and I get to just lay with Stella.  It only lasts maybe 30 minutes, but hey- its a sweet 30 minutes.

I started her on rice cereal the other day.  She loves it.  Naturally.  My other kids hated it.  In fact, I kind of had to skip the rice cereal and go straight to apples and bananas.  Stella however, could eat a giant bowl of it and still want more.  (on a side note, as I was feeding her the other day, Henry was standing there asking for "some...some."  So I gave him a spoonfull and he literally gagged it all up... which led me thinking, "how really bad is this stuff?")

I was hoping with the start of rice cereal, she'd nurse less at night.  That's a no-go.  She's just a chow hound I guess ;)

I'm not sure of her exact weight and stats- I need to bring her in for shots soon,  (she missed her 2 month set because she was sick).  But I'm guessing she's around 14 lbs...

She's wearing size 2 diapers and fits perfectly in 3-6 month clothing.  But I can tell in a few short weeks, she'll be busting out of them :(.  She's pretty squatty... compared to my other kids- she's short and chubby.  Maeve and Henry were long so their chub wasn't as intense.  I literally have to lift rolls up on Stella's legs to clean her ;)  haha!

Just this morning, Stella endured her first "real" injury.  Henry was running through the living room, Stella was on her blanket, and she got kicked in the cheek.  Yes.  My 5 month old baby was kicked in the face.  And to make it worse, Henry had his tennies on.  She screamed and screamed and now has a little red "rug burn" looking spot on her cheek.  I swear, if a feather would have fallen on Maeve I would have called 911- now its like, "Ryan!  Henry just ran over Stella!  Grab me a paci!"   3 kids later, and I've finally learned how to relax (a little ;)

She loves walking on the beach.  Ryan normally sits with the older two, and I'll walk with Stells in the bjorn (shelling-duh ;) and it always seems to lull her to sleep.  She is a beach baby for sure.

She also loves the water.  I take baths with her- she's my first baby who's never been in a baby bath! haha :)  By the 3rd, I realized its much quicker to bathe them in the sink or just get in with 'em!  I think she's going to have a blast this summer, crawling all over the beach and splashing in the tide pools!:)

She is such a perfect fit into our family.  Ryan and I had date night last night, and we were talking about our kids (typical)- I said, "Isn't it so strange how last year, our world was Maeve and Henry and in just a matter of months, its Maeve, Henry and Stella?"   Life would be unimaginable without her (or any of my kids- obviously).  It's just amazing how instantly that happens.  One second its the two kids you have- the next minute, its the two kids and the baby, your heart grows bigger and life becomes "normal" with 3.  Insane, I tell ya ;)

This has led us to believe that our family is not complete.  And that's all I'll say about that!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our lovely little miss!!!!

Happy Saturday! :D

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