Sunday, January 8, 2012

sundayfunday bullets.

  • I got a tan today.  No, really... I did.  We went to the beach for a few hours today, and I have tan lines... and its January 10th.
  • I had an AWESOME senior photo session with such a beautiful girl today. 
  • Speaking of photography... let me go on a little schpeel here... rewind 3 years ago... I got a canon rebel.  I think the first day I got it, I shot everything on automatic...with the horrid flash.  Discouraged that my photos weren't looking like fellow photogs, I put the camera down for a few days.  Then I got a visit from Suzie (a great photog friend).  She told me to set the dial to manual.  And never change it.  Learn about ISO.  Learn about shutter speed.  Learn about depth of field.  And I did.  I would never, EVER say I know it all when it comes to photography, or that my photos are so great- but I am happy (most of the time) with the work I do.  And being able to say that... is a lot.  I am not sure why its such a fierce industry to get into.  I can't tell you the amount of times I have cried, feeling so defeated.  The truth is, its a great, big, HUGE world out there.  And there's enough room for everyone- I promise!  You, me, your brother- we can all be "photographers."  And we can all be nice!  And helpful!  It won't devalue my work.  It won't make my work any less beautiful.  Because I can say with confidence, that I am happy, pleased, proud of the pictures I take.  And therefore, if someone chooses to hire me as a photographer for $100.00, that's fabulous!  And exciting for me!  And if someone chooses to hire you for $30.00, that's fabulous too!  And I'm happy for you!  And if someone hires a photographer for $500.00, that's great!  I'm happy for them as well.  The point being, is, this is art people.  Everyone has a different eye.  Everyone has a different outlook on it.... and lets move on.  :)
  • Stella's getting too big.  I started her on rice cereal today.  WTH.  Can we rewind to August???
  • Ryan must have bumped his head on something- today while walking on the beach, with me pulling the wagon, filled with Henry and Stella, and Maeve running along side us, Ryan said, "Look babe!  I've got room for one more on my back!" -gesturing to the backpack carrier (that was empty because Henry opted for the wagon).  So then I said, "and look!  I could wear a baby in the front with the bjorn!"  Okay... so we both must have bumped our heads on something ;)
  • Valentines day is approaching... and I am excited to say its my fave. holiday... (well besides Christmas).  I LOVE V-DAY!!!!  Maybe because everything is pink and sparkly... but whatever, its a fab holiday and I have a whole list of lovey dovey activities for the kids!
  • We found an AWESOME babysitter!  YAYYYYY!  This has been heavy on me lately!  My mom is our go-to sitter, but she is crazy busy.  I wanted/needed a sitter who could watch the kids during the day if I had a doctors appointment or a photography session or something.  My mom introduced me to a super nice girl at church, who happens to be home schooled (so she's free during the days!!!) and she has a little sis that is Maeve's age.  We had her sit last night for us, and she brought her sister- Elise and Maeve played like best friends all night!  And Sydney (the sitter) did a great job with putting Henry down.  I cannot tell you how good it feels to have a solid sitter! 
  • Last thing on the list... I am in the 120's again!  YAYYYYY!!!  I wore my pre-Henry jeans to dinner last night!  And then I ate nachos and Buffalo wings... :/  mehhh.
Alright- have a good week everyone!!!

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