Friday, October 28, 2011

friday night leftovers...

  • no joke- I have 4 posts that are drafts- I can't seem to finish them.  They're all semi-serious posts. I get about half way through them and hit a road block.  It's driving me insane.
  • I got the nicest compliment about my photography today.  It's awesome hearing that someone thinks my "work" (or whatever you want to call it) is good. 
  • I had my first playdate down here!  What a big step, huh?  :)  No really, it felt wonderful.  Besides the fact, that the playdate was with a girl who only has one, very well behaved daughter and I brought all 3 of my insanos.  I'm sure I scared her out of having anymore kids.  But it was fun and Kristy (my playdate friend) is about the nicest lady EVER.  Really- sweet doesn't even begin to describe her. 
  • Ooooh another high point of the week- I went to a Young Life silent auction/dinner.  I had donated a photography session and a $25.00 print package, so I was invited to the dinner... anyways I was terrified nobody would bid on my item.  However, not only was it bidded on, but it was one of the higher priced items :)  I was  so excited!
  • slowly but surely, I think I'm losing weight... just a pound every week or so, but I guess that's the way it should be done.  I'd like to snap my fingers and have it all be gone now... but, whatever.
  • the weather down here is delightful.  There is no other way to put it :)  It's that perfect 80 degree weather.  SO lovely :)
  • We're planning a trip up to Michigan in June for Ryan's brother's wedding and I am already dreading the drive.  But I'm SO excited to see friends!!! :) 
  • My mom asked what Ryan and I wanted for Christmas the other day and I think I've decided to ask for Disney gift cards.  For all of us.  Even the kids.  I want to see if we can collect enough to purchase a disney vacay (which yes, you can do with gift cards).  I'm figuring it will take a Christmas, an anniversary and a couple of birthdays... but I think its a good idea :)
  • Its the Pirate festival this weekend here in St. Augustine- yes- you read right, the PIRATE festival.  Everyone in town is dressed like a flipping pirate.  It's entertaining for sure.  We went out for pizza tonight and Henry had a pirate sword.  Every time we saw a pirate he'd say "arghhh!" 
  • I got a new lens!  YAYYYYY!  It's a canon 50mm/1.4.  I like just looking at it :)
  • One of the strangest things about living down here (versus living in Jackson) is going to Target (for example) and thinking I see someone I know.  Today, at the studio I caught the back of someone walking in and thought it was my aunt Trish.  I did a double take and then did the whole "it can't be aunt Trish- she's in Michigan...I'm here."  Anyways, its just weird.  I miss running into familiar people.
  • I think I forgot to blog about our little run in with the St. John's county animal control?  Yes?  Well... I'll tell you about it now... when we first moved down (within the first few weeks?)  Lola got off the leash.  All dogs must be leashed at ALL times.  It was an accident- but of course, the one time Lola escapes off the leash, 2 white poodles are being walked by our condo.  She ran over and barked at them... she may have "boxed" at them a time or two.   Their owner flipped out.  She called animal control and a deputy showed up at our door the next day with a warning.  Thank you Lola... Reason #405050 you make my life difficult.
  • my first photo session is tomorrow and I'm NERVOUS!  Say a prayer that all goes well and I start out down here with a bang!  :)  We certainly need it. 
Take care & have a good weekend y'all!

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k and j said...

finally! i am ready for those semi-serious posts now ;)

madskeegsjack said...

So sorry it wasn't me at the studio...
1. I'd love to see all if you guys! And
2. I'd love to be in warm and sunny florida this morning!
And congrats on FIRST PLACE!!

Manda said...

Aw, I miss running into you at Target if it makes you feel better. :) And the pirate festival sounds so cool. lol. On a smaller scale I get the studio thing, I catch a dancer out of the corner of my eye in Chelsea and have to stop myself before I realize we aren't at Academy anymore and I don't know these girls.

Allison said...

it's about time! jk:) I will look forward to your semi-serious posts soon!