Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers.

  • I had my 38/39 week appointment today.  I call it my 38/39 week appointment because I'm 38 weeks and 4 days- so that's practically like 39 weeks, right??  Anyways, it (the appointment) was the definition of boring.  My mom was in the waiting room watching the kids- normally she takes the kids to play at a park or something, but today she decided to stay.  Of course today would be the day that I ended up having to wait 45 minutes for the midwife to show up.   It wasn't her fault- she was downstairs on L&D with a patient, and was apparently in a HUGE rush to get back to her (my actual appointment with her lasted maybe 1 minute).  I understand- but it was a super long wait and I felt bad for my mom who had to keep the kids entertained.
  • So my actual appointment- the midwife came in, we shook hands/met, she listened to the heartbeat, measured me and said "see you in a week!"  That was it.  UGH.  I was hoping to have my membranes swept... or at the very least have my cervix checked for some progress.  But... nothing.   How boring huh? 
  •  We went to the beach last night which we normally do at least once a week.  Usually we just walk and shell.  Last night was low tide (and 100 degrees), so we put suits on the kids and let them swim in the tide pools.  We ended up stay until 8 PM.  I found 2 huge conch shells- fully intact and one perfect sand dollar  (my 2nd sand dollar in a week!)  It was a really nice night and on the drive home, I felt some encouragement that this is where we are supposed to be.  :)
  • My house and car are both pits.  And I'm totally blaming the kids.  Yes, I should be more efficient and pick up after them but dang it- I'm tired.  It takes too much energy to follow them around, picking up their messes 24/7.  For example, during "quiet time", Maeve goes in her room to read and do puzzles.  She does a pretty good job with quiet time- but without fail, every single day, the room is trashed at the end of quiet time.  Along with reading and puzzles, she also plays dress up, pulls down her stuffed animals, builds block towers, etc.  It is a losing battle to pick up her room... and maybe once I don't have 10 lb baby inside of me, I'll have more energy to bend over and clean it up.  But for now, its just staying a mess.  Whatever.
  • Henry's got a few new words but is still not really communicating.  If he wants/needs something he tends to grunt and shriek at us.  I always try and get him to say what he wants, "DRINK?  Do you want a drink?  Say DRINK?"  But nothing comes out except grunts...  I honestly wouldn't be worrying about it too much, if it weren't for the fact that a newborn is about to enter our lives.  Out of our (almost) 3 children, I will only be able to really communicate with one of them... yikes.
  • Maeve goes to Sunday school every Sunday and has been LOVING IT.  She talks about Sunday school 24/7.  She's learning tons of things- and the girl is a sponge.  They'll learn a Bible verse, and she'll repeat it for the rest of the week.  This week, the lesson was "Love is kind."  And she's been reminding me of this over and over and over again. 
                       Me: "Maeve, you can't take 20 books with you to the beach." 
                       Maeve:  "MOM WHY DID YOU SAY THAT?  LOVE IS KIND!!!!"
  • The St. Augustine Children's Theatre is putting on "Cinderella" tomorrow night- my mom and I are taking Maeve.  I am excited! :)  She should love it.  I'm hoping to get our nails done together either before or after the show... but we'll have to see.
  • I am beyond disappointed that Tropical Storm/Hurricane Emily broke up.  I want to see a hurricane sooooo badly.  Not a bad one- but a category 1 would be great.  :) I want to see giant waves on the ocean and go shelling after the storm! 

Thats all! :)

happy friday!
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k and j said...

what the!? no membrane sweep or cervical check!? dang girl. i would be losing it!

i am so beyond excited to see your new little girl!!

oh and you NEED some aden and anais muslin blankets because they are amazing for hot weather babies :) and you need a belly bandit because it has worked wonders for me!!!

but both are kind of pricey blahh :/

Megan said...

I LOVE shelling! That's awesome that you found 2 conch shells- did they have residents?

Leslie Collins said...

i would have been not to be at least checked. hang in there!!! i know, i keep saying this...

how fun finding two bit conch shells.

i just looked up those aden and anais blankets and they are so beautiful!!! if i were having another? they would be a must have!!!

Danifred said...

You got robbed at your appointment! Those are the worst.

I have to agree with you on the shelling- so much fun!

andrea said...

popping over from FNL - so jealous of your ability to go to the beach on the regular.

How was Cinderella? how fun!!

also agreeing with K&J in the comments - Aden adn Anais blankets are AMAZING (and they sell them at target!)