Thursday, August 11, 2011

39. 3 Week Appt!

This is the most preggo I've ever been! 

I've been induced right at 39 weeks with both kids, so this is all uncharted territory.   I have to say, its kind of exciting! 

I had my 39 week appointment today and here are the stats:

-I've gained 38 lbs total... YUCCCCCCKKKK
-BP is good (118/80)
-I am dilated to a TWO and 75% effaced (YAY!)
-the belly is measuring right at 40 weeks...
-midwife is guessing the baby's actual size to be between 7.5-8.5.  She said she'd be shocked if girly was over 9 lbs.  (thank GOD)... but she also laughed and said "this isn't a 6 lb baby, that's for sure!" 
-my next appointment is on Tuesday- which is my due date.  The midwife said we'll go from there (induction or no induction), taking into consideration the size of the baby and how I'm feeling...

My fear of pushing out a giant baby is still there... but I have a lot more confidence than I had going in with Henry.  That bub was almost 9 lbs and he was so much easier to deliver than Maeve was!  I keep telling myself there's a good chance this baby girl is under 8 lbs. 7oz, therefore, it should be a breeze!  (well, kind of ;)

Everything is absolutely ALL set and ready.  The bassinet is set up, the carseat is set up (not in the car though because I am not crawling in the back to buckle Maeve in with this giant stomach).  My bags are packed, as are the kids' bags.  I do need to pick up some of those colgate wisps- instead of packing my tooth brush and toothpaste, I'm going to get a 4 pack of wisps... much easier :)

I do have a bit of a story to tell you all;  While in the waiting room this morning, a mom came in with 3 kids.  Two of them were older, probably 6 and 8?  And then she had a newborn baby girl.  I watched them while I was waiting to be seen, and this resulted in a mini panic attack.  These kids were significantly older than mine, and it was still chaotic with three.  The little girl (who was 6ish I'm guessing) needed to go potty, but didn't want to go by herself, and her older brother didn't want to move from his seat. Which meant the mom had to bring her and the newborn (in the carrier) to the back to use the bathroom.  When they got back, the little girl wanted the baby to wake up, so she started tickling her feet, poking at her, etc.  The mom was begging her to stop- obviously wanting the baby to stay asleep- but after a few minutes of poking the babe was up and screaming. 

I substituted Maeve in for the 8 year old and Henry in for the 6 year old, and that's when my panic attack started.  It's not even plausible to think that I could take Maeve to use the bathroom without some kind of help.  As of now, when we go to the potty, it takes all of me to keep Henry off the floor and Maeve on task.  It's a big event to go to the bathroom- Maeve likes to touch everything and take her sweeeeet time, and Henry is head butting me to get down.  Throw in a newborn, and well... bring on the panic attack. 

Or just the simple task of getting out of the car.  Yep, Henry walks just fine- but he does need help unbuckling (obviously) and getting out of the car.  Right now, I carry him everywhere, because if I were to set him down he'd be across the parking lot in a second.  Maeve listens great and is very good about holding hands and walking with me.  But I have to figure out a way to transport Henry and the newborn from the car to our destination... hmmm...

Besides being completely scared out of my mind that my kids are going to revolt against me and swallow me whole, I am SO excited to meet this baby girl.  I can't wait to see her face and have those precious night time feedings :)

So.... baby girl?  You can come now please... PLEASE!

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k and j said...

You will be fine!

It's hard but it hasn't been too crazy for me at all...yet.

So excited to see the little girlfriend and I promise the third is the easiest to push out..just look at me! Nine pounds girl! Haha.

Love ya.