Tuesday, August 2, 2011

sweet summer light ;)

Today kind of stunk.  I can't lie... it was definitely less than fabulous.

Maeve was up at 5 AM (no joke).  And before it was even 8 AM, I had already threatened to send her back to bed about 200 times.  We tried to go swimming- FAIL- really I should have known better with the way Maeve was acting.  My reasoning was that I'd tire the kids out, and then they would take fabulous naps.

Unfortunately there were no fabulous naps for anyone today.  Maeve kicked at her door for about 30 minutes, which kept Henry awake.  I threw the towel in, planted myself on the couch and let the kids run crazy for the rest of the afternoon.

When Ryan got home, I needed out of the house ASAP. 

I decided to go to this little used bookstore downtown.  I didn't take into account the traffic of St. Augustine around 5:00 is AWFUL... nor did I factor in parking.  After about 30 minutes of driving around I found a spot and took a nice walk to the bookstore.  Unfortunately they didn't have any of the books on my "want to read" list, but it was still nice to have some silence.

After dinner, we decided to sit on our back "porch"/deck thing, and give the kids popsicles.  It was the first time we had ever actually used the back deck since being down here. 

The kids were blissfully happy and playing together.  It's moments like these when I think "okay- I can do this!  I can raise 3 kids!  This is awesome!"

Literally, the second I said a word about coming inside for the night, all hell broke loose.  Henry threw himself in the dirt (or ant piles?), Maeve planted herself on floor, refusing to take a bath.  And its moments like these where I think, "Stick a fork in me.  I'm done.  There is no way I am going to be able to juggle 3 of these!"

I did manage to take some pretty pictures of my kids being sweet in the the sweet summery light... but don't let appearances fool you.  They morphed into something out of "The Twilight Zone" shortly after.


The Paper Mama

note- yes, that's dirt smeared all over his body... eyeyeyeye... ;) 

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Phylicia said...

Hi Ashley, I love this post! Your photos and children are beautiful. I noticed in your 'about' section you said you loved coffee... which is one of the things my blog is about. A kindred spirit! Anyway - beautiful blog, keep it up!