Monday, July 25, 2011

remember to eat & drink!

It's beyond hot- of course I'm preggo the summer a heatwave sweeps the nation.  It's just ridiculously hot, and I've done a pretty good job of taking care of myself and keeping cool- but today... was a different story.

The kids were up incredibly early- therefore, we ate breakfast super early.  I ate a muffin around 6:30 or something- drank some orange juice and got on with the day.  I have no idea where time went- but around 10:30 or so, my mom, sister and grandma came over to go swimming.  We packed the kids up and headed down to the pool and swam until 1... I felt really good in the pool but as soon as we got out, I realized I was STARVING! 

We came back to the condo to change and I was planning on eating some kind of lunch here at home with the kids.  However, my mom and sister talked me into going out to eat over on the island (which is a good 15 minute drive). 

Driving over there, I started feeling shaky and light headed- all that good stuff.  I was thinking, "just stop at a McDonalds and get a water."  But then I'd think that we were almost to "Mango, Mango" and I'd drink water as soon as we got there. 

Long story short, I waited WAY TOO LONG to eat or drink anything.  I got myself so sick and had a fun little dehydration episode at the restaurant. :(

Thank goodness I was able to drink a ton of water (4-5 glasses) and keep it down... I also ate an avocado which made me feel better.  But its 6:00 PM and I'm still shaky from the whole thing.

Anyways, that's my story for the day.  I'm still not feeling great (at all), but I'm chugging water and steering clear of the heat!

Note to self- while 9 months pregnant, in 100 degree heat, do NOT go 6 hours without eating or drinking...

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Dani said...

Yikes! Those things can get so out of hand. I'm glad you are feeling better, and I can't wait to see pics of your new little babe!

Leslie Collins said...

Uhm, no. They definitely do NOT mix. I do this now and then too. You just get busy with kiddos and before you know it, hours have gone by. You definitely need to be EXTRA careful since you are still growing that gorgeous girl!!! :) LOve ya!!! :)